Confederation College Computer System Compromised


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Around midnight last night, Confederation College announced that their computer systems have been compromised and indicates that students’ information has potentially been stolen.

Below is the statement released by the school.


“Please be advised that the College is in the process of responding to a malware incident.

We first learned of the problem on Saturday morning and promptly initiated our response process. Most College IT services remained functional during the day but have now been made completely unavailable.

At this time we have no evidence that any personal information has been removed from our systems, though this will be the focus of a forensic investigation to be conducted by an outside cyber expert who we are now working with. If we learn that personal information was removed, we will notify all affected individuals.

Out of an abundance of caution, if you stored personal passwords on the College system, e-mailed personal passwords using a College e-mail account or reused a College password for personal online services, you are strongly advised to do a password reset. We will require you to do the same with your College password when our services come back online.

We expect to recover services over the next week, but our expert’s investigation will be thorough and will likely not be complete for some time.

We are sorry this has occurred and thank you for your patience. We will be able to communicate more in the future. Our @Confederation Facebook and Twitter pages will be the official communication channels until further notice.”


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  1. Frustrating!!!! I have online class assignments and online quizzes due today. Went to do them last night only to get told my password was wrong.


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