(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A serious collision has occurred at a busy south-side intersection.

A Thunder Bay Police Service ETU vehicle was involved in the incident.


What we heard on the scene was that there was a serious injury, in which someone was seen bleeding from the head.

The incident occurred at May and Southern shortly before 7:00 pm this evening, which saw heavy damage to the SUV.

Thunder Bay Police Service, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue along with Superior North EMS responded to the scene to help sort out the situation.


The cause of the collision has not been determined at this point.

**** UPDATE: Police say in a media release that the police vehicle was responding to a call and had lights and sirens on.

More photos:

Above photo courtesy of Michelle N.



  1. So that black unmarked pickup truck is supposed to be a police vehicle? I probably wouldn’t have noticed it either.
    I hope the person that the cop drove in to goes to court and has all charges dropped.

    1. Seriously, may have been unmarked but unmarked or not lights and sirens were on. I love how so many people jump on it’s the cops fault. Arm chair quarterbacks!!

      I hope all involved make a speedy recovery

    2. That vehicle should not be responding to emergency calls unless it has the proper beacon lights that are visible in all directions, not these stealth attempts that are all too common.

      Lisa, stop making excuses and stupid claims that we would all be dead if it wasn’t for these responses. Sure they are important but at the same time what about the lives of people like those in this collision.

      Put the proper beacon lights on or forget about responding to calls in this fashion.

  2. SUV drivers light turned green. The unmarked police vehicle came througH on a red light. No overhead lights flashing. He was in centre lane behind othe vehicles. They should have to follow the rules of the road the same as everyone else.

    1. Hopefully you will never need the assistance of our fine police force. If someday you need them quickly due to any number of reasons remember what you said above. One red light could be the difference between life and death.

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