COLLISION: Memorial and Harbour Expressway


(THINDER BAY, ON) – A multi vehicle collision has taken place at the corner of a busy intercity intersection early this evening.

The Thunder Bay Police Service along with Superior North EMS responded to the scene of a collision which involved at least two vehicles.


By the time TRCCTB.COM arrived on scene there was a car and a SUV still on scene. We are unsure if any other vehicles were involved.

The SUV was seen being loaded onto a flatbed tow truck, slated to be removed from the scene.


We are unsure if any serious injuries had been sustained.


The southbound lane of memorial and the east bound lane of the harbour expressway were both closed to traffic and were being re directed.

People are being asked to avoid the area. Please, drive safe.


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  1. Remember that game we played as kids?
    Green green green ……RED!
    We were smarter back then, than the adults are now.

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