Collision: Hilldale and Dawson


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A late evening collision has possibly caused some injuries in the north end of the city today.

A resident in the area contacted TRCCTB.COM to tell us about what had happened, although they did not witness the actual collision occur.

We have been told that there were two ambulances on scene along with a fire truck almost immediately. Thunder Bay Police arrived later on.

The collision involved a grey Ford pick-up truck and a black SUV at the intersection of Dawson and Hilldale shortly after 10:30 pm this evening.

The front end of the SUV appeared to have sustained heavy damage in the incident while the rear axle of the pick-up truck seemed to be shifted from where it is supposed to be.

You can also see the side-impact airbag has been deployed in the pick-up truck in the photo above.

Dawson was covered with what looked like numerous amounts of tiny debris all over the road. Airbags appeared to be deployed in both vehicles.

Our best guess at what happened was that the SUV had collided with the side of the truck, although we could not confirm this.

TRCCTB.COM would like to remind the general public to please obey all signage and traffic lights when driving, as well as to watch your speed and drive safely and soberly.

The vehicles were seen being towed away shortly after 11:00 pm this evening. We could not confirm if anyone sustained serious injuries, but the collision did look rough.