COLLISION: Esso/Tim Horton On John. Transport and Car


(THUNDER BAY, ON) –  A serious collision has happened at the entrance to the Esso/Tim Hortons combo at a north side intersection.

Police, Fire and Ambulance responded to the scene close to the corner of Valley Street and John Street Road.


Somehow, a vehicle was crushed under the trailer of a transport rig. We are unsure if any serious injuries have been sustained at this point.

Photo Credit Mike Dalton

City buses and other traffic have been having issues getting around the collision. Police are on scene directing traffic and investigating.


UPDATE: A family member of the man that owns the car has reached out to us to let the public know he is ok. The area has been cleared up and traffic is flowing as of 9:15pm this evening.

Anyone with more photos or information is asked to reach out to TRCCTB.COM on Facebook or by email at

Please drive safe and avoid the area.


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  1. The city and surrounding communities really need to clear the huge snow banks from driveway entrances. Pulling out of leppanens store on Dawson rd yesterday I could not see if there was any eastbound traffic until I was poking way out into the westbound lane…. dangerous situation!!! I understand snow removal is expensive, and probably back logged right now but, think of the potential lawsuit that arises when the lots management fails to maintain a safe passage to unsuspecting motorists or pedestrians.

    1. so u sit at intersection forever or get out and tell ppl behind you to reverse no somtimes u have to edge out to see and that’s dangerous

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