Cold SNAP Hits Thunder Bay


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Well it’s winter and you live in Canada, what did you expect?

Arctic air has been and will continue to slam Thunder Bay and surrounding areas for the majority of the week. Temperatures are going to dip as far as 13 degrees celcius below normal.

Overnight, the dip will reach down about 11 degrees below what is considered normal for this time of year.

Normal daytime high temperatures for this time of year is around -5C but over the next four days we are pegged to hit as low as -18C. Once again, we live in Canada, this shouldn’t be news to you,yet, here we are, reporting cold weather in Canada. OH! Don’t forget, it’s snowing, too. Very wow..

Wind chill is going to make this weather even worse as Monday night is set to hit -30C and -31C during the day on Tuesday. There will be a substantial risk of frostbite during these conditions so bundle up.

Weather experts are saying that a high-pressure system is forcing a mass of freezing arctic air through northwestern Ontario from the west.

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