Cocaine, Alcohol and a River Rescue at Kam River Park

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A south side park was the scene of a risky incident this afternoon.
Citizens that were enjoying the park tell us that there was a small group of people consuming alcoholic beverages when a scuffle unfolded.
It was said that at least one male ended up in the water and was dragged back onto land.
A witness to the scene says they spotted a male throwing himself down a hill repeatedly and even into the rocks near the river. His friends were then pulling him back onto land. Significant injuries were seen on the male from the sharp rocks.
Numerous police cruisers and two ambulances responded to the incident. Onlookers tell us that two people were taken to the hospital.
People that were involved in the incident told us that there was an altercation fueled by cocaine/crack/alcohol.
No one is believed to have sustained serious injuries.