City Releases 2020 Budget Information


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The proposed 2020 Municipal Budget forms the starting point for City Council’s detailed review and provides an increase in the municipal tax levy after growth of $4.5 million or 2.32%.

“The demand for services continues to rise in Thunder Bay, especially in the area of emergency services and public safety and as a result of socio-economic factors,” said Norm Gale, City Manager. “This budget is considerate of such demand in an environment of reduced provincial funding without substantial cuts or decreases to services.”


“Continued efforts to find efficiencies along with opportunities for additional revenue sources assisted in offsetting lower provincial funding and inflationary cost increases,” said Linda Evans, GM- Corporate Services & Long Term Care, City Treasurer.

2020 Key Budget Drivers

  • Expansion and increased expenditures to Police Services – $1.9 million
  • Expansion for Next Generation 911 – $0.4 million
  • Reduced annual funding through the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund – $0.7 million.
  • Increase to fringe benefits (CPP & LTD) – $0.6 million
  • Final transition of Solid Waste Diversion/Recycling costs to tax-supported operations – $0.6 million
  • Increased debenture payments (Police / Fire Radios) – $0.4 million
  • Other expansions including City Solicitor, and costs associated with new assets – $0.4 million
  • Increased levy from Thunder Bay District Health Unit – $0.2 million
  • Increase to the capital budget funded by the tax levy – $0.2 million

Key drivers have been offset by:

  • Reduction to Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board levy budget – $0.7 million
  • Thunder Bay Hydro Corporation one time dividend – $0.5 million
  • Net impact of Tbaytel dividend policy update – $0.5 million
  • User fee increases – $0.4 million
  • Lower Transit budget to align with actual expenditures- $0.4 million

Investment in infrastructure renewal continues. The proposed 2020 Net Capital budget of $14.9 million represents an increase of $0.2 million over 2019 levels.

The Public Pre-Budget & Post-Budget Deputation Meetings will take place on Jan. 9, and Feb. 3, at 6:30 pm, at City Hall in Council Chambers. Council’s Budget Reviews will take place on Jan. 14, 16, 22, and 29, with approval expected on Monday, Feb. 10.

The proposed 2020 Capital and Operating Budgets and Community Handbook are now available at the Waverley and Brodie Library branches or can be accessed online at

Source: City of Thunder Bay


3 Replies to “City Releases 2020 Budget Information”

  1. “Reduction to Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board levy budget – $0.7 million”

    Hopefully this means that DSSAB welfare workers will get off of their lazy asses and start reviewing their case loads to see how many able bodied scammers are fleecing the system.

    They hand out welfare to any lazy bastard that asks for it. If they did their jobs correctly, they could save multi millions in welfare fraud alone by removing a couple thousand scammers from the dole.

    Next job would be to kick out the scammers using DSSAB housing for drug dealing and prostitution and give the housing to those that sorely need it.

  2. I’m all for increase in police budget to combat the crap going on in this town. But there is waste going on such as New Year’s Day when a snowplough went down broadmore ave twice and didn’t have blade down to clean up mess on the road. What double time… triple time for a holiday. Just saying….

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