“City of Love” Shines Hard and Moist on May Street


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Now, I ain’t gonna say for sure for sure, but it appears someones panties were pushed to the side on May Street.

Although today appeared to be a slow news day, we still aren’t sinking to misinforming the public about the cannabis-like substance that was confirmed as containing carfentanil being sold across southern Ontario, and is reported by not only police but both new media and mainstream alike. Anyways…


The photo was posted to Facebook by Joe Smith, below is what he had to say about it.

“”We the North” (Thunder Bay version) . This was last night at (an auto shop) on May St. (across the from the CLE farmers market): People can twist stories or articles all they want -However, the photos speak for themselves.” Smith stated.

He continues “Don’t worry.. there is no sound or video of last nights “get together” (if you click on the image)”.

I hope car repairs cost have not climbed to insane amounts…

Turns out the photo is from sometime last year, but we doubt that the love is shining any less.


8 Replies to ““City of Love” Shines Hard and Moist on May Street”

  1. Not necessarily sex.
    Could have been a gynecology examination, or possibly someone accessing their “hidden” stash. Seems there was a witness/accomplice/customer present.

  2. Sure hope that is their car!!!!
    I would hate to come out of a business and find this on the hood of my car. Hold on I think I am going to puke.
    What a bunch of disgusting pigs. Is that third person really standing there watching?????
    Anyone have Chief Collins or Fiddlers email address…..I would like to send this to them.

  3. Aww Sh!t,
    That gentleman is performing an act of fornication.
    And by the looks of it, there’s another lady patiently waiting her turn.

  4. Man that’s G.
    He’s got dem dollar store shades on. He’s even repping hard with that ardene chain on his chest.
    By the looks of it he was doin it romantically. You can tell by the forward brim. Now if that hat was on backwards… that would mean he meant business.

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