City Councillor Aldo Ruberto is at it… again.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – City Councillor Aldo Ruberto made headlines earlier today for calling citizens of Thunder Bay “idiots” in what he says is them using the free city bus for non-essential purposes.

Ruberto, in what appears to be yet another emotionally fueled social media post says that he was not interviewed before our previous report on his toxic and degrading words he slung at some of the city’s most vulnerable. Ruberto failed to mention in his ranty social media post that he had blocked me, Pino Demasi, when I started asking him tough questions about a previous issue regarding him.


I feel I owe Ruberto an apology, an apology due to the hurt feelings I may have caused him when  I refused to “slow down on reporting criminal matters” in Thunder Bay. Since those feelings were hurt, local mainstream media mogul Dougall Media has a court reporter that is now reporting on courthouse matters much in the same manner as I do, even petty charges such as theft under $5000. I’m wondering if Ruberto is asking the same of them as he did me. Perhaps having an independent news media in town that isn’t swayed by advertising dollars or pressure from established locals is what may be truly bothering him.

Ruberto’s post was included in full, along with his two edits that came soon after we reported on his toxic comments. He says they were taken out of context, yet they were there in whole, for your reading pleasure. Don’t be mislead, remember this when it’s time to cast a ballot.

Ruberto says the free bus is supposed to be for “essential services”. What the wealthy and privileged city councillor Aldo Ruberto appears to have overlooked is that these people he admittedly referred to as “idiots” are more than likely our homeless, our poor, and those struggling with addictions that are just excited they get to stay warm on the bus instead of standing outside Victoriaville Mall or outside city hall.


Ruberto admits in his most recent social media outburst that he responded emotionally and changed the word “idiots” to “ignorant”. Good on you for reducing the abusive language you used to describe those less fortunate than you.

Ruberto, although didn’t directly name a specific “site”, indicates that he believes the sites he’s upset with “want controversy”. Ruberto, you calling citizens of the city you are elected to represent is controversial, there was none injected. We would like to apologize to Ruberto in advance for reporting on his controversial statement but would like to press the matter that we will never fail to report when those in power are abusive to the vulnerable.

CLARITY: TRCC News has nothing to do with the Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition Facebook page. If we like a story that they write, we have ongoing permission to re-publish those articles as we see fit.

Ruberto further mentions how when you click on one of these “sites” news articles, that the publisher makes money. This is true, Ruberto got something right, good job. This is also true for every website you goto on the internet, this is how we keep you informed of the abusive behaviours and degrading behaviours those in power use to oppress the vulnerable. We are not a “negative site”, we report on matters that are of concern and/or criminal. It’s alarming that a city councillor would attempt to tell you where to get your news and information from. History has shown us what types of politicians attempt to control the media. We are proud to say that we have been bribed in the past to change our reporting with promises of big money advertising dollars coming in. Here we are, broke and still reporting on what we believe matters.

Ruberto mentions “negative sites” yet fails to moderate his own Facebook posts from toxic, violent and abusive comments directed towards people. He appears to be one of those “negative sites” he is asking you to avoid, especially when he is calling our citizens “idiots”.

One thing we can agree on tho is that having the city buses full of people will only serve to spread the virus faster. But let’s not abusively and toxicily call down those vulnerable people resorting to riding the bus to stay warm. How about we open up the Fort William Gardens or someplace similar to provide them with somewhere to go and activities to do while allowing them to be socially distant? That would be something a caring councillor would do, rather than call them “idiots” repeatedly.

Aldo, I would be more than willing to do a live interview, with your blessing of course. Streamed live to the public, with the option for people to attend in person. We could bounce some questions back and forth off each other and maybe you will realize I’m just here to report on the issues in our city, even when you may be one of them.

History on Aldo Ruberto, an article from earlier today:

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The City of Thunder Bay, along with other city’s across the continent, have made riding the city bus free of charge in the face of the public health crisis situation sparked by the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19.

The city bus system is often utilized by not only the very poor and vulnerable but also by the struggling working class who simply can’t afford a vehicle.

People have been using the bus for whatever their reasons are since city transit was made free. Some use it to check on their vulnerable family and friends, some use it to get necessities for their home, and some, sadly, use it to keep warm and ride around town as they are homeless.


Wealthy and privileged Thunder Bay city councillor Aldo Ruberto took to social media to air out his thoughts on the situation in what many see as toxic and degrading. In the post, it appears he is upset people are using the city bus for a ride… Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that what the city bus is meant for? People, who need a ride? He then goes on to scold the often impoverished and financially struggling people who ride the bus as “idiots”.


Thunder Bay is known as the city with the “Giant Heart”. Aldo Ruberto often plays it up that he loves this city and the people. I’m feeling a huge disconnect here after reading his comments regarding the mostly indigenous and mostly poor people who utilize the transit services.

It is unlikely Aldo Ruberto will apologize to the community for his comments. These comments he made are likely going to be viewed as highly toxic to reasonably minded individuals.

UPDATE: 6:15 pm, same day as the article was published.


It appears that city councillor Aldo Ruberto has edited his post and removed the words “idiots”.

People noticed and weren’t happy. It appears Aldo had, what he calls, “other choice words” he may have preferred to use, but resorted to “idiots”. Below are some of their comments.

City Councillor Brian Hamilton spoke up about Aldo Ruberto’s unprofessional and degrading comments towards the citizens of Thunder Bay. Below is his comment.

UPDATE: 8:03 pm same day as publishing, it appears Aldo Ruberto’s post has been removed from Facebook or perhaps he has limited it to only his friends list.


UPDATE: Aldo is now appearing to be upset that he wasn’t interviewed before this article was published. He has blocked me from Facebook and doesn’t like my reporting, as is highlighted in the previous article below. He appears to want to control who is media and who is not. How scary is that?

History on Aldo Ruberto article dated February 11, 2020.

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – City Councillor Aldo Ruberto has posted publicly in what appears to be him being upset about our crime reporting. It seems he thinks that reporting on crime is worse than the crime itself. He has blocked me from his page, so here’s my input.

Aldo Ruberto was a hairstylist before he was a city councillor. He got elected in 2006 and has held his seat ever since.

On Aldo’s watch, as a city councillor, Thunder Bay residents have sat back and seem to have barely heard anything from him regarding the southern Ontario gangs that have taken over, gun violence, city councils blunders, the lives lost due to drug overdoses and the out of control addiction rates in our city. But Aldo appears to invite everyone to stick their heads in the sand and ignore our website, which reports on these extremely important matters of public interest. Would Aldo prefer that the public be ignorant to these pressing issues?

Aldo appears to advocate for people’s mental health in his seemingly knee-jerk remarks. Interestingly enough, Thunder Bay’s addict population is in dire need of mental health resources and better addiction treatment resources. Something that after 14 years of sitting down at Donald Street, Aldo appears to not have impacted in a sufficient matter.

I’m left wondering that if I complied with a certain city councillor who asked me to stop reporting on so much crime almost a year ago, would I be in the crosshairs of Aldo Ruberto today? Further, I wonder if I hadn’t called out city council for their focus on a soccerplex, roundabouts, and yet another “crime committee”, if Aldo would have engaged in what appears to be yet another grandstand. Is this the result of not complying with a certain city councillors demand that I stop reporting on “so much crime”?

Where’s Aldo’s grandstand about gangs? Overdose deaths? Gun violence? Lack of enough beds in our detox centre? Aldo once told me he owns the building at the corner of Brodie and Victoria with the naked people painted around the top of the building. That corner was once notorious for street-level drug trafficking and other violence. Can he plead ignorant to these issues?

About a year ago Aldo and I got together and we made a video informing the public about how they can help moderate the, at times, overwhelming racist comments that are common across social media. Since educating the public on how to report racist comments, I am proud to report that we have not only banned hundreds of people for racist comments, but our Facebook page is now one of the most moderated and engaging comment sections in Thunder Bay. There was a Facebook page called “Yes, You’re Racist Thunder Bay”. This page would screenshot what they believed to be racist comments and post them. I counted about 3 comments that came from The REAL Concerned Citizens page in the few months that page operated. Meanwhile, they would have numerous comments from other local pages, many from Aldo Rubertos Facebook page. He’s claiming our news reporting drives hate. This, in my opinion, is just a knee-jerk reaction to our report earlier calling out city councils blunder. It appears using strong words and hiding behind ethnic minorities may not be above the tools Aldo uses to push an agenda.

It’s no secret that Aldo Ruberto is a successful local businessman and is quite wealthy. His friends list on Facebook is littered with well-off local business men and women. How would Aldo benefit from a less-informed public? Does the crime-reporting negatively impact his businesses? The crime and incidents we report on are often reported on by not only our local police service, but other local news agencies as well. Sometimes we break the story and sometimes we publish based off media releases from various agencies. Perhaps a news agency that can be critical of city council irked someone?

What really is the issue with our reports? Yes, we have gotten 3 or 4 things wrong in over 5,000 articles, which we have apologized for and corrected. No where do we claim to have a flawless record and no other local news agency can claim a flawless record. Is the real issue that the issues we are reporting on might be above the ability for the powers that be to correct? Is it easier to silence and discredit the whistleblower rather than admit and address the issues? How has Thunder Bay changed since 2006?



5 Replies to “City Councillor Aldo Ruberto is at it… again.”

  1. Any means or device that will encourage social gatherings, including free bus rides, during the Covid-19 threat is an act of extreme negligence and disregard for public safety. Especially when those capitalizing on free bus rides are people who have little to no concern for acceptable social conduct. Winos, druggers, drug dealers, prostitutes, etc. will be drawn to these buses like flies to shit. All it will take is just one of them to contract the disease and spread it to thousands.

    These same people will, in all likelihood be the most prominent social demographic to widely spread the virus and it will only be a matter of time before normal society is severely stricken by Covid-19.

    City leaders have opened a real can of worms with free bus rides and free parking. A very stupid move during a time when the rest of the country is demanding social distancing.

  2. Keep up the good work Pino! You’re filling a void in the news reporting here in North western Ontario. Just an hour ago I was reading about you and your news site over on Reddit. Seems your NEWS reporting is ruffling quite a few feathers. Cheers from Kenora!

  3. Have not cared much for Aldo Ruberto’s manner of handling himself since becoming a councillor. Has nothing to do with him personally as I don’t even know him, but I have watched enough council meetings and after each have mentioned to my husband that Aldo still has not gone for his anger management sessions that I think he needs. Husband laughs every time!! If you ever watch him at the meetings god help any one else at the meeting if they don’t agree with him because believe me he loses his sh**, Not sure if he ever watches himself or even recognizes it but I certainly notice it. Of course everyone has their own opinion but he comes across like a spoiled brat having a tantrum. You are right Pino, this guy never talks about the crime in the city. It is kind of like if he doesn’t talk about it (or read it) then it is not happening. He should be trying to find answers and resolutions instead of trying to convince someone not to write about it because it makes the city look bad.

  4. Good day readers.
    In response to Councillor Aldo Ruberto’s recent public statements (which I found to be highly offensive) I would like to provide some information.
    Council Code of Conduct: (
    Rule No. 10 – Media Communications:
    1. Members of Council will accurately communicate the decisions of Thunder Bay Council, even if they disagree with the majority decision of Council, and by so doing affirm the respect for and integrity in the decision – making processes of
    2. Members of Council will keep confidential information confidential, until such time as the matter can properly be made
    3. *** In all media communications, including social media, members will treat each other, staff and members of the public with decorum, dignity and respect, and shall avoid messaging that amounts to abuse, bullying or intimidation.

    I believe Mr. Roberto’s conduct to be unacceptable and warrants his removal from city council. Those of you who also feel this way, a formal complaint form can be found at;—updated-Feb-11-2020.pdf


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