City Councillor Aldo Ruberto Appears Upset


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – City Councillor Aldo Ruberto has posted publicly in what appears to be him being upset about our crime reporting. It seems he thinks that reporting on crime is worse than the crime itself. He has blocked me from his page, so here’s my input.

Aldo Ruberto was a hairstylist before he was a city councillor. He got elected in 2006 and has held his seat ever since.

On Aldo’s watch, as a city councillor, Thunder Bay residents have sat back and seem to have barely heard anything from him regarding the southern Ontario gangs that have taken over, gun violence, city councils blunders, the lives lost due to drug overdoses and the out of control addiction rates in our city. But Aldo appears to invite everyone to stick their heads in the sand and ignore our website, which reports on these extremely important matters of public interest. Would Aldo prefer that the public be ignorant to these pressing issues?

Aldo appears to advocate for people’s mental health in his seemingly knee-jerk remarks. Interestingly enough, Thunder Bay’s addict population is in dire need of mental health resources and better addiction treatment resources. Something that after 14 years of sitting down at Donald Street, Aldo appears to not have impacted in a sufficient matter.

I’m left wondering that if I complied with a certain city councillor who asked me to stop reporting on so much crime almost a year ago, would I be in the crosshairs of Aldo Ruberto today? Further, I wonder if I hadn’t called out city council for their focus on a soccerplex, roundabouts, and yet another “crime committee”, if Aldo would have engaged in what appears to be yet another grandstand. Is this the result of not complying with a certain city councillors demand that I stop reporting on “so much crime”?

Where’s Aldo’s grandstand about gangs? Overdose deaths? Gun violence? Lack of enough beds in our detox centre? Aldo once told me he owns the building at the corner of Brodie and Victoria with the naked people painted around the top of the building. That corner was once notorious for street-level drug trafficking and other violence. Can he plead ignorant to these issues?

About a year ago Aldo and I got together and we made a video informing the public about how they can help moderate the, at times, overwhelming racist comments that are common across social media. Since educating the public on how to report racist comments, I am proud to report that we have not only banned hundreds of people for racist comments, but our Facebook page is now one of the most moderated and engaging comment sections in Thunder Bay. There was a Facebook page called “Yes, You’re Racist Thunder Bay”. This page would screenshot what they believed to be racist comments and post them. I counted about 3 comments that came from The REAL Concerned Citizens page in the few months that page operated. Meanwhile, they would have numerous comments from other local pages, many from Aldo Rubertos Facebook page. He’s claiming our news reporting drives hate. This, in my opinion, is just a knee-jerk reaction to our report earlier calling out city councils blunder. It appears using strong words and hiding behind ethnic minorities may not be above the tools Aldo uses to push an agenda.

It’s no secret that Aldo Ruberto is a successful local businessman and is quite wealthy. His friends list on Facebook is littered with well-off local business men and women. How would Aldo benefit from a less-informed public? Does the crime-reporting negatively impact his businesses? The crime and incidents we report on are often reported on by not only our local police service, but other local news agencies as well. Sometimes we break the story and sometimes we publish based off media releases from various agencies. Perhaps a news agency that can be critical of city council irked someone?

What really is the issue with our reports? Yes, we have gotten 3 or 4 things wrong in over 5,000 articles, which we have apologized for and corrected. No where do we claim to have a flawless record and no other local news agency can claim a flawless record. Is the real issue that the issues we are reporting on might be above the ability for the powers that be to correct? Is it easier to silence and discredit the whistleblower rather than admit and address the issues? How has Thunder Bay changed since 2006?



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  1. I don’t always agree with stuff posted on trcctb or with the opinions of Pino or other commenters; however I feel trcctb has come a long way and is a valuable tool, to show the citizens what is really happening in our community. I believe city council should refocus, put aside their pet projects, their “legacies” and redirect to finding a way to make this city enjoyable and safer. Who will want to visit anything in this city when we have run down, empty downtown areas that breed negativity. The gangs and addictions aren’t just rampant, they have taken over every nook and every cranny. The time for a committee that meets and discusses the issues has come and gone, city council just looks the other way because it doesn’t affect them in their cushy neighbourhood. The scary thing is in 2002 I worked in Fort William and rollerbladed to any from work through the roughest areas late at night and felt safer than I do now walking anywhere in the city.

  2. Quite frankly I have no desire to go to Thunder Bay! I do not wish to be addressed by drunks, druggies or other street people! Time the city takes some action and the Courts do more than slap a hand. These people must be made to do clean up work, heavier work and report to jail for the night to complete their sentence!

    1. I literally spend my entire day working in the grimmest areas of Thunder Bay and at no point do I experience a barrage of “drunks and druggies” asking me for smokes. At no point do I feel threatened and at no point have I been given a reason to feel threatened. Each one of these people have a story, and when you hear, should they chose to share it, usually explains how they got themselves in this position . I’m not a social worker or an advocate, my work just happens to end up in these areas. Have you been to any other city? Im from S. ont and I can assure you it’s no different. Its people like you, Charlene, that spread ignorance and add to the problem of Thunder Bay. As someone who moved here 8 years ago, this city is my favourite place in the world. Time to open your eyes and grow up.

    2. I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost:
      I would assume, that according to your lifetime of claimed trouble free experiences in Dumpster Bay, that all of the unbecoming articles posted here at TRCCTB News are just stuff that people make up?

      Has Dildo Rubadub hired you as a “ghost” writer to try to debunk the facts?

      Pull your head out of your ass. No one is believing your propaganda bullshit. TRCCTB News reveals the truth and people here are wise enough to spot fakes trying to paint an otherwise rosy picture.

  3. Thunder Bay certainly isnt unique for its drug/drunk/mental health/idle hands issues, but we’re certainly elevated.
    The majority of other cities get the luxury ( ignorance ?) of unscrewing the light bulb when they notice that the house has a cockroaches problem.
    We have “Flashlight Pino”.
    Aldo seems to think that we need less light bulbs.

    1. Hahaha notice how the only people getting lots of down votes are people defending thunder bay and calling Charlene out on her racism???? Im so happy that our youth seem to be more tolerant because all you 45+ year old negative bags of rubbish give us a bad image.

  4. Pino Thank you for having the courage and integrity to stand up to any bullying from those opposed to your reporting. If it were not for your hard work informing the people of what is really going on in Thunder Bay, everyone here would be in the dark. But I suspect that is exactly what the powers that be want to happen here. They want people to NOT know because THEY know how dire the situation really is. The lid is getting precariously close to exploding and is going to blow off any day now and someone is going to be responsible for not acting when they knew they should have. Should a major civil lawsuit occur, it would not surprise me in the least. The high crime here is not a new event. It has been going on for many years and has escalated because of indifference, inexperience and poor management. It appears any committees that have been established to tackle the crime are a day late and a dollar short. The criminal activities are so rampant that it will take much much more than the too few resources available here to tame it. There should be no further money wasted on useless committees. Bring in some help from experienced law enforcement agencies from Vancouver, or Chicago who have much more experience dealing with these issues. Simply asking for more money is not going to make the problems go away. This city needs to untie its hands and get to work if they are serious about tackling the issues.

  5. The citizens of Thunder Bay should be very grateful for all the work you do in reporting what is happening in this city in the way of crime. The other media seem to take a Pollyanna view that all is well but the darker truth is missing except for the more sensational ones that probably can’t be hidden. Every day our hard working police officers risk life and limb to round up the criminals that are swarming to our city and yet the vast majority of their readers and viewers aren’t even aware of it. Thanks to you many of us have been made aware and if enough of us are perhaps our politicians will take action to address the many problems facing this city instead of promoting luxury legacy projects we can I’ll afford Neil this city’s crime and addiction is addressed.

  6. Keep on reporting, the citizen’s NEED to hear what is happening for their safety. The hate is already out there from what I see. I agree the soccer complex is BS with what is going on in town, you cannot even go to the bank without being asked for cash not change CASH!… the roads are unreal with that stupid paving machine to save money while repairs to vehicles skyrocket.Look at Balmoral near the police station. Hey Thunder Bay citizens next election get up and vote them ALL out. I sincerely doubt they run their own businesses or lives that way.

  7. Keep it up Pino. We can get bullied by Aldo or anybody on our do nothing council. I for one am greatful for all the reporting on this site. Council wants everyone to think our city is safe and we can use all the useless crap they want…. art gallery… soccer plex….etc etc. We need to fix the problem at hand and not waste money on something that eventually could be just another hangout for the ones causing the problems in our city. Council needs to wake the hell up and listen to the people of the city to make it the way it was even a few short years ago.
    Once again thank you for your reporting the only one with the balls to do so, unlike our local papers and tv

  8. Well written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall (28 September 1868 – 13 April 1956) “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

  9. Keep up the reporting Pino to keep the citizens apprized of the goings on in TB. Welcome to the real Thunder Bay Aldo. It’s time to take your rose coloured glasses off and admit to what this city has become. I remember years ago when they complained about us having Detroit tv channels. Claiming there was too much violence in their news so they switched us over to Duluth Minnesota channels. You’re trying to sweep TB’s violence, drug addiction, alcoholism under the rug. The Waterfront is a fricken laughing stock with 2 condos and a hotel in a park that yous have spent millions on something that is basically used from May to September. Oooh a fricken ice pad. Whoop dee do. Did the city lower the property value by $100 thousand for taxes on the condos on Water St. and Cumberland that had their pristine views of Lake Superior blocked? Yup that was a real brain fart, just like giving up access to the lakefront to the railroad through Red River Rd. Now you want to put a useless art gallery in the PARK,?? where it would have easier access in the downtown area.

  10. I aint afraid of no ghost You happen to be the ONLY person I know of who has not been accosted or hassled for money by drunks or junkies in this town. Pray tell, exactly how do YOU manage to avoid the mooching and the out of control behaviors here.? Are you living in some kind of bubble or are you just a person with a vested interest in ensuring these things do not get reported? We certainly have enough of those bleeding hearts here. I do visit Vancouver, Calgary and other large cities across this country often enough to know that the situation here is in fact much worse than many other places. Do you suppose that Thunder Bay has been given the title of Crime Capital of Canada just for fun? The police are doing the best they can here with the limited amount of resources available but clearly they are outnumbered by the infinite problems they face. I aint afraid of no ghost, I sincerely believe that YOU either have your head deeply buried in the sand or you must be blind to everything going on around you.

    1. He’s not the only one. I’ve lived in Tbay the last 20 years and I’ve never been bothered by drunks or junkies in this town. I guess it all depends on where you spend your time. Sure, if you’re hanging around a crack house then you’re likely going to run in to crackheads. I go to the mall, the liquor and beer stores, fast food restaurants, walmart, Trixxx, Rainbow etc etc etc and nope, no problems. Not one, ever in 20 years. Oh shit sorry I did have a run-in with some drunk asshole once but it was my buddy and we were both drunk and he took the last beer.

    2. Suspect he’s just a flunky doing Ruberto’s bidding in return for free shitty haircuts. Likely doesn’t have bad experiences because he never leaves his mom’s basement.

  11. I HATE this town! I’ve lived here my whole life and at one point loved it, but now what’s to love? The crime? The gangs? The losers getting shipped here because they were too much trouble back home so now WE have to deal with them? The filth? The junkies? 20-25 years ago this place was great! Not anymore. I know ALL towns and cities have crime BUT at least in other cities there are actually things to do, places to go, subways, transit…all we have is the crime part! If I had the money to up and leave I would in a New York minute and I wouldn’t look back…not even once!

    1. I spend approx. nine months of the year away from Dumpster Bay and get to see/live in moderately large cities in the south. Dumpster bay is a dog’s outhouse by comparison to most cities. Not denying there is crime in those cities, however, it’s generally confined to well defined and limited areas. Thunder Bay has become a crime zone right from Westfort to Current River and everywhere in between.

      It’s not even a shadow of the town it was 25 years ago before the disease set in. Unfortunately, I believe it’s beyond salvaging if nothing of major consequence is done immediately to clean up the welfare scamming winos, druggers, drug dealers and violent criminals. Dumpster Bay is now just a big, ugly, stinking turd circling the toilet bowl.

  12. Not surprised by Ruberto’s actions at all. He’s obviously dancing to someone else’s tune.

    Council is in the pockets of a select handful of influential citizens. Those that want 30 million dollar art galleries and 30 million dollar indoor soccer buildings. New shiny objects to be paid for by majority of hard working citizens to fund the desires of the select few rather than putting 60 million toward cleaning up the festering septic tank that Dumpster Bay has become.

    Ruberto is just as greasy as the rest of them if not more so. His attempts to stifle the truth and sweep the disgusting behaviour of criminal activities within the city are dangerously close to dictatorial. Who the f*ck is he to bully news media sites? I used to think that he was pretty much a dimwit and incapable of original thought. Now, I don’t think it. I know it.

    Kudos to Pino and TRCCTB News for having the initiative and courage to continue to deliver the news that “state” media are instructed not to broadcast.

  13. Keep up the good work keeping citizens informed. I am sure you see and hear a lot more crap you can’t post. Tbay does need outside help from heavily trained professional law enforcement to get this festering disease under control. Harsher penalties and forced inmate work crews would be a start to clean up the neighborhoods they infect.

  14. Jason the readers here are already aware that you live in your own castle in the sky. No need to try to convince us of your position. Would that drunk buddy of yours be I aint afraif of no ghost? You know the saying, birds of feather flock together.

  15. Hey REX Awesome, dildo rubadub you come up with interesting posts mostly but only thing i have a problem with your posts is dumpster bay i do not like it but you are getting me sort of close to ME agreeing due to city council doing NOTHING to fix problems or maintain what is here OH LETS BUILD a soccer complex unf’in real fix and maintain what is here . REMEMBER NEXT ELECTION VOTE them ALL out . something this council does NOT get , when cruise ship #1 comes when they see this on the streets it will be the last probably and IF an actual soccer tournament ever happened it also would be a 1 time thing . also they will be posting it on facebook or wherever.
    And to think I thought peterson and hobbs f’d it up it just continues on and on. Sickening!!!

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