Citizen Upset With TBay City, Posts Signs


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In today’s modern society, it’s a typical response for people upset about something to air their grievances over social media in hopes something changes in their favour. Some people resort to posting signage on or in front of their homes in hopes it makes a splash large enough to remedy their issues.
Today, we were tipped off about a resident of Thunder Bay and the signage they posted to social media.
Knocks at the residents door went unanswered, but by reading the signage, it is likely that the resident might have lost their designated disabled parking spot on the street. This is just us speculating based on the information posted on the signs.
Two of the signs address “Jon Paske” who is the City of Thunder Bay parking authority supervisor. The signs label him a “f*%king a hole”, appear to question if he is proud of himself, and more.
The signage appears to further throw shade at city hall for allegedly picking on “natives” and “disabled”. Thunder Bay has a national reputation for being one of the more racist city’s in Canada. A city councillor spoke to us on the basis of anonymity and admits that racism is present in the city on all levels, but also points out that the city has been addressing the racism officially, which puts the occurrences out publicly. They also claim that other cities do not take the same approach as Thunder Bay, so the racism is often swept under the rug.
Ableism appears to be alleged in the signs as well.
Thunder Bay is known as the city with the giant heart. This resident appears to question that label on a couple signs.
If you are the resident in this home, please reach out to us via telephone call or text at 807-355-8917.


4 Replies to “Citizen Upset With TBay City, Posts Signs”

  1. I believe this is an older disabled resident who until now, had a designated disabled parking spot in front of their home that has no driveway. A few years ago, this city street was designated a bike lane street, on both sides, so no resident was able to park on either side of the street during the designated bike lane time frame – (May 1- Nov 1?). This resident had a designated disabled parking spot as indicated by the parking signs that were posted in front of their home. I am not privy as to why they no longer has this parking designation, however, why would the city designate both sides of a city street, where some residents/owners do not have driveways, to be designated a bike route? I recognize that bike lines are somewhat of a city priority, but if tax paying residents do not have a driveway because of being in an older neighbourhood, why would parking be banned from both sides of the street? Perhaps TRCCTB should contact the City or Ward councillor to get some background and provide their point of view. That way readers will get both sides of the story instead of assuming whatever they may assume…….

    1. These accessibility zones are given out as a courtesy, the city is under no legal obligation to provide them.
      They are also not parking spots, they are pickup and drop off zones and the city can rescind them at any time.

  2. This man is actually one of the kindest people I have ever met. Hes been battling parking tickets for a very long time now, and is understandably fed up. He had the permit to park there long before the bike lanes were put in. I lived on the street for 3 years, and I never once saw a cyclist use the bike lanes on that Street… which brings up the question of, why are they even there?
    He should not have to park around the block in his condition. Most “abled” people wouldn’t want to either… so why should someone who is older and disabled have to?
    Good for him for standing up for himself.

  3. Go after aldo ruberto and council for this unused bike lanes kids riding on sidewalks fast not slowing or looking when crossing intesections .. the best is the fucked bike lane on victoria near balmoral , VERY WELL?????????? thought out who in the city would do that poorly planned POS I will not use that route and I cannot help but think about how the HIGHLY PAID CITY WORKERS do a shitty job just like starting road construction on dawson road in september WWOW have you heard of climate change couNcil needs to get head out ASS and do SOMETHING USEFUL next election ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE DISMISSED our money is not for you to do WHAT YOU want we need to vote on this not have a few idiots decide for thunder bay ? AGREE ?

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