Circle-K Store Sustains Damage During Break & Enter


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A north side convenience store sustained substantial damage after some criminals had their way.

The Circle-K located at the corner of River and Balsam streets fell victim to a break and enter last week, according to an official.


Crooks smashed numerous windows and ransacked the store according to our source at the store. At least 4 windows were destroyed during the incident.

The windows that were destroyed have been boarded up.

Police are investigating and we are uncertain if any arrests have been made thus far.


Circle-K staff would like the public to know that they are still open during regular business hours.

This is yet another “crime of opportunity” committed in our community, no doubt executed by someone exhibiting “drug-seeking behaviour”.


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  1. I was there a week ago and wood was up then. I knocked to enter and knocked to exit. Can’t see what’s on other side of doors and someone going to get hurt. These stores should have safety glass
    Kevlar glass and an automatic lockdown like they have in US so robber(s) are trapped.

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