CAUTION: A Bear is Lurking in Northwood


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Residents in Northwood need to be advised about a black bear that is lurking in the area.
Shortly after midnight Lauren, a REAL Concerned Citizen has reported seeing the bear lurking around.
She tells us that the bear is rummaging through people’s garbage cans and doing other normal things bears do.

Late night dog walkers and other late night people should be aware of the sighting.
Maybe it’s best if people stay indoors tonight, just to be safe. Especially children.
”This guy is hanging around northwood, having fun with everyone’s garbage cans.
Located right beside St Francis school, on Redwood ave west.  Heads up for late night dog walkers.” – Lauren


4 Replies to “CAUTION: A Bear is Lurking in Northwood”

  1. What a shame this poor old bear will probably end up getting shot just because it is hungry and seeking food. Thats what bears do. People can discourage bears by keeping their barbeques clean and putting them away, not putting out bird seed and not putting out the trash til the morning of garbage day. All food trims and scraps foods go into a plastic bag and into our freezer and it goes out on garbage day. A bear can smell food from 15 miles away so we rinse all bottles and put out with the recycle and other non food stuff goes in regular trash. This is not only to deter bears but also the problem of rats in this city and they are EVERYWHERE.

  2. humans are encroaching on the wilderness areas of where the wildlife have always been! Humans field strip hundreds of acres of trees, uproot the vegetation to make more high rises and parking lots, polluting the rivers and lakes,enormous clouds of smoke from mills, factories, airplanes, highway trucks,gasoline boat engines. and the cows who stand in their fields farting all day.

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