Car Hopping Thieves Ransack Citizens Vehicles


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Another day, and as expected, another neighbourhood has been ransacked by car hoppers. A “car hopper” is a thief that goes from parked vehicle to parked vehicle, checking if the doors are unlocked and stealing anything of value once gaining entry. The really bold ones will smash out windows if the doors are locked so that they can take the change from your cup holder and the headphones on the seat.
Reports have hit our news desk regarding the neighbourhood between John and Oliver being ransacked by teams of thieves. Residents in the area are urged to check their vehicles contents and their backyards for anything missing.
Northwood was also hit last night in various areas, as is tradition.
Thieves that resort to this method of obtaining property are often strung out on drugs and are lost in life. Every case I have seen of a person going through court for this type of crime openly admitted that they were heavily addicted to drugs and lost control.
Thunder Bay has a serious drug addiction problem that is not going to be solved with “feel-good” events and “positive thinking”. I’ve spoken to numerous addicts and they all tell me the same thing. I’ve made a short list below of what I have been told.

  • Detox centre is almost always full.
  • Rehab centres wait list is months long.
  • The stigma around drug addicts makes people scared to seek help.
  • Jail is the easiest option that they cannot just walk out of.

Many addicts have told me that they will goto detox or a rehab centre and just leave when their cravings become too much. There doesn’t seem to be a mechanism that keeps addicts from leaving to seek drugs.
Thunder Bay has a serious drug-related problem which needs serious solutions.
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  1. On the plus side you forgot to mention that there are 14 or more different N/A or AA meetings throughout the week. Detox and rehab is just the start, the 12 steps can help you stay sober for life. Call the local intergroup for meeting information. 623-1713 (24 hour answering service)

  2. 👍🏽 They help tremendously! My son goes every day and he’s been off drugs for a year now. You just have to want it. Plus he’s found real FRIENDS there.

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