Canadian Tire Tustle Lands One Man Behind Bars


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It was a pretty calm and decent evening in the Canadian Tire parking lot on Thursday evening when trouble rolled in. A woman was minding her own business, with her kids in the car, going about their day when a man had come up and started pounding his arms on the vehicle.

A male was getting warmed up and ready to put some sausage in his mouth at the sausage shack, watching this event unfold. The woman and kids drove off and away from the scene, returning herself and the kids into safety and away from the danger.

That is when the suspect started to approach the man at the sausage shack in an aggressive manner. As he got close to the sausage devouring man, he uttered “F**k you, whitey” and became verbally violent with the innocent bystander and the workers of the Sausage Shack. It’s at this point that the aggressive male grabs the front of whitey’s shirt and starts to line up a punch.

The suspect was then rapidly and effectively slammed up against a nearby van, then pinned down on the ground until the Thunder Bay Police Service arrived. The suspect was arrested, assessed by Superior North EMS, and shipped off to Hotel Balmoral, where he spent the night, free of charge.

The aggressor seemed to pick on the “wrong guy”, as the sausage connoisseur is a “Tarzan looking tough guy with cat-like reflexes”. Note: “Whitey” is part Indigenous himself.

Appearing in bail court this morning via video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station is 32-year-old Donovan Atatise from Lac La Croix First Nation. Donovan is appearing before visiting Justice of the Peace Sandra Anstey, Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore, and a duty counsel lawyer.

Atatise has been charged after the incident at 939 Fort William Road (Canadian Tire) with the following charges:

  • Breaching bail conditions (no alcohol consumption)
  • Causing a disturbance in a public place

But wait, there’s more! Atatise’s existing charges that are still working their way through the Justice System are:

  • Assault causing bodily harm

The Crown states that Atatise is in a “reverse onus situation”, and that he intends to put Atatise to that onus, he is not consenting to his release today. A “reverse onus situation” is usually arisen from an accused having already been released on bail, and then is alleged to have committed more crimes which have brought new charges before the court. On people’s first appearance for charges, the onus is usually on the Crown, unless they are charged with a limited number of very serious charges.

Duty counsel is representing Atatise in this matter, for today, and requests the matter comes back to court on Monday. The court is informed that Atatise needs time to contact his lawyer of choice, David Young. Atatise consents to this move by duty counsel and is sent back to his jail cell after the Justice of the Peace orders him to be detained until at least Monday.

Atatise will be spending at least the weekend at the overcrowded and understaffed Thunder Bay District Jail.

The area around 939 Fort William Road is plagued by aggressive people who have been consuming alcohol. The shopping centre would be a much safer and busier place if this issue were to be solved. There was some talk of a “safe space” for people to go and drink their alcohol in peace, but it hasn’t come to fruition as of yet.

This story contains allegations that have not yet been proven in a court of law.


11 Replies to “Canadian Tire Tustle Lands One Man Behind Bars”

  1. you see this is the s**t people of thunder bay have to deal with daily, and then us “whiteys” are called the racists… like I always say, racism flows both ways people.. I swear to god if this s**t happens to my wife and kids I will beat the culprit to a bloody pulp and have absolutely no remorse!! these scum bags that do this kinda s**t need a lesson taught that a free night of room and board at Balmoral will not do!!

  2. Not sure why this area doesn’t have patrolling officers (police/security) during shopping hours, the liquor store being what keeps bring these characters coming back.

    1. There is a useful law of public intoxication, which would certainly keep at least one cruiser busy full-time. It seems though, that every ‘system’ above street level (like Hotel Balmoral, detox centers, jail, etc) is already full to bursting.

  3. Blame the dumbo’s who allowed the beer and liquor stores in a shopping area.. I said that years ago put those places in there own safe place away from shopping area , rivers and so on.

  4. I was attacked by 8 males this Christmas in the same area, by the Sausage Shack. First it was 4 of them against me and they were losing badly, so 4 more males rushed in (rather slowly and awkwardly) to assist. I informed the latest 4 that perhaps they wanted what the first 4 guys got. It made them think, and once I was done convincing them that they should just retrieve their brothers and take them to some place safe and quiet, the situation ended. I did not call police, because this happens to me once or twice a week. There must be something about me that the guys around the Liquor Store, Lowe’s and Canadian Tire don’t like? The best we can do is respect their problems and offer them healthy choices, and save their dignity, if there is any. For the record however “somebody” called the Police because they were there in 2 – 3 minutes and interviewing the group which had split into 6 and 2. One of the guys fell on the road into traffic and had to be picked up.

  5. happened to me today in the same area, i was pumping gas at the canadian tire gas bar when asked if i had chenge (i didnt only had a debit card with me) and when i said i did not have any, the male got angry and started calling me every name in the book and wanted to fight, i laughed it off and walked away, he’s lucky i was in a good mood cause he desreved to be knocked out acting like he did… and aparently im a racist becuase i didnt have any change to give to him… im so sick of this type of behavior, im seriously considering uprooting my family and moveing the hell out of this town…

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