(CANADA) – The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) will begin rotating strikes at 12:01 am tomorrow in Victoria (British Columbia), Edmonton (Alberta), Windsor (Ontario), and 1:01 am in Halifax (Nova Scotia). All times listed in local time. The strikes will last for 24 hours with locations striking daily.

“Canada Post had the opportunity this weekend to stop any postal disruption on Monday, but instead, as they have for almost a year, they refused to talk about the issues that matter to our members,” says Mike Palecek, CUPW National President. “Our goal has always been a negotiated settlement but we will not agree to anything that doesn’t address health and safety, gender equality and good, full-time middle-class jobs.”


CUPW opted for rotating strikes to minimize the impact of a postal disruption on customers. Mail will still be delivered, although it could be delayed.

CUPW has been negotiating collective agreements with Canada Post for almost a year for the Urban Postal Operations and Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC) bargaining units.

Key demands for postal workers during this round of bargaining are job security, an end to forced overtime and overburdening, better health and safety measures, service expansion and equality for RSMCs.


“Job action will continue until Canada Post gets serious about bargaining. They should and can do better. Our members deserve better,” says Palecek

Source: CUPW



  1. CRAP.
    Anyone know where I can get my junk mail while the strike is on?
    On a serious note, I feel for the people the sit still home waiting for their cheque to arrive through CDA post. (Rolls eyes)

  2. Canada post is not paid by tax dollars so I don’t understand the hate for the workers. They`re making 20 per hour so how much lower do they need to go? minimum? more mcwages for the masses?

    1. Minimum? Why not? They aren’t delivering the mail to the wrong address because NASA overlooked their resumes. Whats minimum wage now.. $15? that was the living wage that the liberals determined was good enough. How much should someone be paid to deliver mail? to sort mail by machine? to go home with pay when their routes are finished?

      Sure its a thankless job that gets weekends and holidays off and in all honesty I think they do a pretty decent job. However UPS, FED EX etc… all do the job better or almost always cheaper. Why do we even need Canada Post anymore?

      This will be another strike that nobody in the general public will really care about.

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