“Bumweiser” on Patrol at the Thunder Centre LCBO


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Reports have lit up our newsroom regarding an innovative man entertaining people at the Thunder Centre’s LCBO location.

Sources indicate that the man is playful, comical, and only asking to “bum” any change you can spare.


The move is a welcomed change from the often aggressive panhandlers that are known to lurk the area.

With a cute costume and a witty, fun attitude, the man has gotten more than a few smiles per minute as shoppers lurk the area.

Is a few quarters worth the smile you get when you see this man out and about, entertaining? Most people say “yes”.


Remember, this is far better than the man plotting a heist or aggressively demanding change like so many others do. ’tis the season for giving. Show the man why we are called the city with the giant heart.


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  1. “Remember, this is far better than the man plotting a heist or aggressively demanding change”

    Maybe so. However working for a f_____g living is better than mooching off of people. Get off the booze and drugs and get a god damned job like most people.

    Do the above and the bum would see what an honest day’s work can do for him. He’d also become a contributing member of society rather than a lifelong parasite.

    Giving these panhandlers money is a bad idea. It’s like feeding rats. As long as there’s food, they’ll keep coming back.

    In some cities we visit in the U.S. , people caught giving money to panhandlers are fined. It’ll cost you $50.00 to give a bum a quarter. Excellent way to curb this bullshit.

  2. Ya but is he going to buy booze or drugs with that money like the rest of them? If so he can go “bumweiser” somewhere else!

  3. Providing money to panhandlers is enabling them. It does nothing for their self esteem. It just perpetuates a dependancy on others. I agree with the posts that say do not give them money. Thye can get a job and work like everyone else. Should be a fine for the ones who do give them money.

  4. I think this is a great idea.
    Instead of just asking for money the ‘regular way’ , this guy is performing.
    What do ya know.. he’s employed himself accidentally.
    Maybe we could end up with many people in animal costumes , and it would become a tourist attraction.
    Possible slogan:
    Thunder Bay – Get Stuffed !

    1. I agree I have no problem with this, actually I’ve said this to my husband “why don’t they do something to at least make me smile then I would happily hand over some change”. Like come on people it’s change, who cares don’t give it to them but don’t get angry at what they are doing. I think a smile is worth trading some change for to someone who would be very greatful for my loose coins. I could care less what he is using it for I believe as human beings if someone asks me for something they need and I can help with I will, or if someone is going to do something that makes me laugh or smile then I feel that is a service worth paying for and will continue to do.

    1. If he’s wearing a clown outfit, there’s a good chance he’d land a management. job with the city. Seems the basic requirement for a managerial position is “gross incompetence”. Pretty sure Carl could meet those job specs.

  5. I wonder if people would complain if he was playing a guitar and Christmas tunes? At least he’s trying to be entertaining instead of just asking . Better than some of the other tactics some use.( guilt, threats,stealing,violence,etc.)

  6. What many don’t realize is that some people in society are simply unemployable either because of lack of education, addiction issues or disability including mental illness or fetal alcohol syndrome or just plain lack of social skills. ODSP and Ontario Works are not sufficient to allow these people to escape abject poverty what with the slum lord rents in this town. It is unfortunate that the Ford govt cancelled the guaranteed income project as it would have been interesting to see it it wapuld have had a positive outcome. The disparate you in wealth is becoming wider and wider as time goes by. In my youth and early years of employment the gap between haves and have not didn’t seem to be as wide as it is now. Few working class folks had a car or a big McMansion in the suburbs. People worked and lived in the same neighbourhoods, people lived within their means and didn’t borrow unless they had to. poor folks lived alongside the middle class and the differences in wealth was small not like today.I don’t think laziness is much of a factor although for certain there will always be a percentage of drones who choose not to work, . I “bum” money for the Salvation Army kettle drive and believe me standing around ringing a bell for two hours can get tiresome. Anyone standing on a curb outside at -20 with a sheet of cardboard begging has my sympathy. Admittedly it would be better for everyone if we had a society where there were no people panhandling and everyone employed but sadly this is a fairyland. A guaranteed annual income would be an interesting experiment and better rent controls on slum lords would really help. As for drug dealers they should be locked up for lengthy prison sentences but the underlining issues that have made so many addicts who fall prey to the need to escape their reality have to be addressed or the drug dealing will continue.

    1. Nice try Laura.

      I came from abject poverty, alcoholic/abusive parents with seven hungry kids, moved around like homeless nomads, was farmed out as child labour, went to twelve different schools, and spent more time hungry than not until I left home at 15. And, wait for it…….., I finished high school, left the shit hole I was living in and WENT TO WORK.

      Believe me, life was a hell of a lot harder then than it is now. We didn’t have the LUXURIOUS welfare and social assistance programs the lazy scammers have today.

      Now I want for nothing.

      Less time feeling sorry for yourself and a bit more effort into getting off one’s ass and doing something positive about their situation.

    2. Lmao… he has great social skills. I would like ti know where he got the costume. Please stop trying to educate us in why its ok to continuously ask for money, the monies you are collecting are going towards programs where people are actually trying to help themselves and not towards their habits. Don’t insult them by comparing the two.

    1. Clothes are inexpensive at Value Village and Thrift Store etc. Some people just donate really nice clothing l I shop there myself and get some really great bargains at rock bottom prices. Some places even give clothing free if you don’t have the money. I donate very high quality and good articles that I know longer wear or don’t fit me.

    2. Someone cldnt of possibly DONATED it to him? Or maybe ….just maybe he took some money he ” bummed and went out and bought it!!!!!think maybe either of those www ld b possible .

  7. Someone tell him to go see the owners of Giant Tiger Store that’s opening up soon! Boom! Employment! Double Boom!!

  8. Rex, I can appreciate your childhood. I came from similar circumstances with 9 kids in a family and a grandparent living in a tiny house. Grandad and Dad were war vets with PTSD and had alcohol issues that led to some violent behaviour. Not one child in our nine very spent a day in jail and all were lifetime employed. Dad was laid off once for 11 months and would not go on welfare so we all found work on local farms or canning factories to make ends meet and we did. My life work was as a nurse and I enjoyed a long career that resulted in a nice pension and now time to do some volunteering. But you and I lived in good times where a high school dropout could simply walk to a factory or mill gate and get a nice high paying job that led to a good pension. Not so today. Unemployment is high, union jobs have disappeared and wages are so low as to not keep people above the poverty line. Add the that the effects that the residential schools have had on Indiginous populations (and I lived and worked in the far north and saw the results). This city is in BIG trouble socially and it is sad to see and I nor anyone else has the answers but much of the problems seem to be associated with poverty and despair. When someone feels that there world is just a dark tunnel of misery with no way out they turn to drugs and that need turns to crime. Drugs and crime go hand in hand. Eliminate the causes of hopelessness and maybe the other will diminish as well.

  9. potstirrer, I am well aware of where the Salvation Army monies from the Kettle Campaign go and that’s why I am volunteering my time for the past 20 years or so. My family has been proud supporters of the Sally Ann since the days of my grandfathers time in the trenches of France in 1914-1918 when the Salvation Army served the soldiers tea and food. I used the word “beg” because that’s what someone told me I was doing one day while manning a Kettle. Some folks in Thunder Bay view the kettles as “begging” so I proudly say that I am “begging” but for those who are needy and perhaps too proud to “beg” for themselves. When I see a person on the street begging for money i have no idea what the reason may and probably neither do you so I try not to be judgemental.

    1. Laura:

      Choosing to be be blind to reality doesn’t alter the facts. Most freeloading panhandlers are begging for drug and booze money.

      Hand out enough for a bottle of Kelly’s to one of these moochers then stick around to see where they go. I’d be willing to wager that 90% or more of the time, it will be spent at the LCBO. The other 10% will be for drugs.

      Many of these same bums have cell phones, cell phone accounts and prominently brag on FB and other social media about making their “cardboard signs” and going out to “earn” money, because they’ve already pissed away their welfare cheques.

      People giving these scammers money are being taken.

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