Bubba’s Bud & Smoke is Now Open

(FORT WILLIAM FIRST NATION, ON) – As promised, Bubba’s Bud & Smoke has opened on Fort William First Nation albeit with some level of controversy.


People on social media are deep in a battle about whether or not the pot shop is legal or not. Officials with Bubba’s claim that they are following all the rules and the buds have been lab test and pass regulations.

There Has been a number of people and vehicles outside Bubba’s for most of the afternoon, despite the rain crashing down. Marijuana-seekers are standing strong throughout the weather.

Fort William First Nation Chief and Council are facing a lawsuit surrounding the delayed approval of the pot shop. You can read about that at this link https://thunderbay.trccnews.com/2019/06/04/pot-shop-owner-launches-lawsuit-against-fort-william-first-nation-band/

Members of the community are excited to have the pot shop open up in anticipation of people turning away from hard drugs such as crack and fentanyl, and leaning on Bubba’s cannabis, which is as low as $2 a gram.


This is an intereting situation to watch unfold. The store is vowing to remain open and serve the community what they believe is wanted and needed.

Police say purchasing pot from Bubbas may be illegal.

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