Broken system? Family Law and the Children’s Aid Society.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – I recently ran into a long time friend whom I’ve known over 25 years at the courthouse and he invited me to come watch his family law case. What I was about to witness has shocked me.


For the sake of this reality story, I shall call him Rick and call her Liz (not their real names, but the story is completely true).


Rick and Liz were in a long term relationship for at least 15 years. They had a child I’ll call “Billy”

The relationship broke down due to Liz’s lifestyle choice of becoming a drug addict. Her drugs of choice were crack cocaine and opiates.

They separated and Liz kept sole custody of Billy. A court ordered Rick to pay 350$ a month in child support for the son he loved so dearly. Rick gladly paid the support but constantly worried about his son. Rick maintained steady employment and never passed up the opportunity for visitation with his son.


Liz made false accusations against Rick. CAS forced Rick to do various types of their programs if he wanted to continue seeing his son. Rick completed them faithfully. Meanwhile, the drug addicted Liz didn’t have to do any programs.


Rick went to CAS numerous times worried about the welfare of his son with a drug addicted mother. CAS did nothing but dismiss his concerns. They never drug tested Liz or her drug dealing new boyfriend, but Rick was subjected to numerous drug tests which he never failed.


Liz died of a drug overdose last year with young Billy at home.



Rick faithfully followed all court orders and continued to get supervised visitation 2 hours a week with his son whenever Children’s Aid allowed. After 4 months, the CAS finally gave Rick his son Billy. Rick is the sole surviving, loving and responsible parent. But he still did not have custody of his own son.

Rick finally got his day in Family Court this past week. His lawyer filed a motion to have custody awarded to him over 7 months after Liz had overdosed and to have all child support paid to CAS since that date returned.

I sat there as a Judge created a custody order that gave Rick full custody of Billy and ordered the child support he paid to CAS ordered returned. I saw the look of relief on his face knowing that this was all finally over and he could just focus on being the loving father he wants to be for his son.

I was happy for him. Truly happy for him.  But I wondered, if it can happen to Rick, how many other people does this happen to?


The thought sent chills down my spine.


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  1. This seem’s to be a common thing in the agencies. I have heard stories, and seen others go through things that there is no need for. If a parent does make an accusation of something the other parent is doing involving a child’s environment their concerns should have both parents/caregiver take the tests not one sided. Some people hide things really good, and puts on a good act that they get away with stuff like these where in the long run the child suffers and see’s stuff a child should not see pretty sad.

    It’s not even with parents/caregiver it could even be a foster family they could cover their bad habits and put on a good act for the workers. Before they get approved to become a foster parent they should be screened better why not a drug test before they get approved and maybe make it every few months along with the criminal record check.

    The system is far from 100 percent perfect, and even some of their own workers have drug or alcohol substance abuse. I have heard numerous times how a worker was always drinking at a bar on the weekends, and that same worker scolded a mother of her problem and that worker has a drinking problem herself.

  2. I sat back and watched the ChilsAbuseSociety completely destroy 2 young girls because of the mother’s lies.
    9 years 100’s of thousands of dollars and nothing but false accusation after false accusations. Even though the father said she was severely abusive to the children the CAS refused to investigate his claims. It took a family doctor,school teacher’s and others to finally figure out what was going on. The kids are now in programs for severely abused children(mental abuse). Both kids have been trained to hate their father based on lies. The CAS is 100% responsible for the damage done.
    This is what happens when feminist misandric mythology is the CAS guide to destroying father’s.

    1. William, CAS is not the result of Feminists! It was formed because there were children, young children, being forced to work in coal mines, assembly lines etc. My Grandfather, at the tender age of 12 was forced down the shafts of the coal mines in Yorkshire to completely wire it all for electricity. Children historically have been treated very very poorly.
      The present problem with our CAS, Dilico etc. is that there are too many cases and too few skilled workers. And like every other publicly funded agency, they hire workers without adequate credentials to do the work that should be done by Cops, Psychiatrists etc. It is very easy to dismiss the claims of one person, especially if the worker does not have the necessary education.

  3. Sounds like Children’s Aid needs to get re-vamped.
    If “Liz” hadn’t died of an overdose(sad),Rick would still have to go through the custody bullshit.
    So ,the good father (almost) always loses, the way Children’s Aid runs?
    “Rick”, should also get a huge apology from CAS.
    Guessing this case,still won’t open up the eyes of CAS.

    1. My mother had me and my brothers to care for. She also was a drug addict. However my dad was ordered to pay for child support for me (since i was still under 18) and even tho he tried CAS that all the child support payments were going to drugs they didn’t listen and he still had to pay. I myself toldmy worker about my mothers drug use but because my dad was a driver for mckevvitts trucking and was gone alot. He couldnt get custody of me. It wasn’t until she ditched me and my brothers to live in Dryden while we were left to fend for ourselves that CAS finally gave custody of me to my Dad.

    2. Sometimes it’s the mothers that are struggling to have their voice hear in court. Mothers that have good jobs, don’t drink, don’t smoke and the courts don’t want to dig to see what’s really happening. For whatever the reason they don’t really want to know why they father has turned the children against their mother. They don’t seem to care that things don’t seem quite right – yet they refuse to dig. They don’t seem to care that the father drags things out to prevent the children having time with the mother. They don’t see any issue with this at all. The system is very broken.

    3. “Rick” should get back all costs involved from the beginning and compensation from the Canadian Government for being put through this system… along with many many others that have.

  4. We have had a very similar incidents here. As well in ontario. Where mom was stealing from stores and trying to run out with the children with her while being arrested. CaS took the children but dad was never contacted to be notified of the incident. Then life choices led to mom becoming an addict and CaS knew of the drugs and continued to leave children in moms care. If any calls were made against mom her case worker would text her ahead of time to say she was coming to do an inspection and allow her time to get all drugs out of the home before they arrived.
    The mother had 5 years of active cases against her for drug use, many cases of neglect, stealing and asking the eldest to hide clothing under her clothing.
    And we were told by CaS, it’s our duty to protect the children and keep their safety at best .
    We asked, you willing admit to knowing this about mom and never made any attempt to remove the children
    When the school called you about head lice and then called again because she wasnt sending lunches and what she did send was moldy.
    The system is beyond broken………
    Now we have gained custody and still in the process. And we live in another province. But I have tried CaS here to see if we could obtain help for both children and was told because charges were not laid against mom, they were unable to help with councillors or any form of therapy.

  5. I had a cas worker from Chatham tell me my file was only open so they could get paid.
    Part of cas funding is based on open files.
    Disgraceful organization.

  6. Hey the same thing happens all over i am going through a similar thing right now as we speak between my attorney altering agreements after i have signed them and the ocl saying cas (of wich she hasn’t spoken with ) is making recommendations i have taken a huge step backwards in access back to supervised visits

  7. The Family Court system is broken and things need to change, petitions signed etc. My boyfriend is currently going through a separation/ divorce/ custody case. Without sharing details of the case * ( cause that would take forever ) I will share that the Mom is addicted to Marijuana and opiods, doesn’t work, doesn’t pay any of the mortgage on the matrimonial home, doesn’t do extra curricular activities with the kids, gets fake fingernails for her twelve year old, signs up for free food and coats for kids programs yet buys tablets and chrome books for Christmas some how. My boyfriend has to treat his daughter for head lice most weeks when visits. She has denied him 50/ 50 custody since seperation. He has tried to reason with her, file for a separation and now filed in the courts for the rights of his kids. He asked for sole custody to make proper decisions in the best interest of his kids and his lawyer told him ” the courts will not take the kids away from a a poor ( 2/10 ) mom and give them to a good ( 7/10 ) Dad. Even though he can provide the kids with a good life, active with activities and church, good home, well fed l, help with homework etc. The courts won’t take kids out of the moms care as long as she can at the least provide the basic necessities of life. Soooo Soooo sad. She doesn’t want to do anything for herself and has nothing to offer but she wants child support, spousal support, 1/2 pention, all of the matrimonial home that her and her girlfriend don’t pay for and sole custody of the kids with all the tax benefits. And the courts will probably make this Dad pay but I pray to God someday this system opens their eyes and starts doing what is right.

  8. CAS and Dilico are nothing but parasites.

    I urge everyone that is stuck dealing with these vampires to record all your dealings with them. Just like that video that came out recently of the native woman having her child kidnapped after birth.
    Some skinny, pencil necked nerd kid – the one with the hipster black rimmed glasses in the video, ordered the child be apprehended.
    A decision with that gravity should not be up to one person. Let alone a kid themselves. With what a year in the workforce ?
    It’s not god damn Pokémon you Maggots. You don’t “Gotta catch em all”

    Record these vile people.
    Have other credible people present each and every meeting.

    Remember your the bad guy, so if it’s your word against theirs, your going to lose.
    Credible people does not mean lil Day’Day down the block that can be seen standing on the corner slanging most days.
    Because they will look At your Social media and see who your friends are – and use that against you.
    Have a credible person with you.

    These people are not your friends. They will try to make you feel comfortable around them and gain your trust – they are looking for anything they can to use against you.

    Film all the meetings – no one wants to be put in a negative spot light. A single slip up on video these days will have the towns people at their front doors with pitchforks.
    They don’t want that attention.
    If you were being recorded every time you went to someone’s house, would you want to make frequent visits?
    Neither do they.

    Start each recording session with the name of the person and the date. And the reason they are there.

    Have a clean house when they come. Take any ashtrays or questionable decore and get it out of site.
    Remember any god damn thing they can find can and WILL be used against you.
    These people are brainwashed drones. Most of them don’t even have kids nor know the challenges parents face everyday.
    Protect yourselves and your family.

  9. It started and continues to colonize a certain group of people. Once kids r removed they r 200x more likely to commit suicide 868x more likely to get sexually assaulted and every other type of abuse fall between those two numbers. Then those kids are 73% more likely to commit a crime. And its proven to b linked to drug and alcohol addiction homelessness and gang violence. The reason they left that child with the addict mom cause they knew they could get their hands on that child. Its not about protecting its a sbout the billions of dollars they can steal from tax payers each year and the jobs they keep in tack.

  10. I am seeing comments about why the CAS was created. I assure you its not to do with coal mines lol. Although it sounds reasonable.

    The CAS was created in Canada anyway to destroy the Native peoples of Canada’s Culture, weaken the people and destroy their will. The CAS took full advantage of this seeing as no good person could do such a thing without some kind of payment which is why the system is geared around money.

    Since 120 or so years ago the system has grown. It has gone from hurting only the native peoples to hurting anyone in the low income bracket. People who do not make enough money to protect themselves properly in court. They misuse the system to harm our children so that they can get increases in their files every year. This has taken a long time to do but now they have quite the system in place. Legally they have very little authority when you actually look at the laws. They do have policing powers and that allows them to act without anyone else investigating them. Its not a coincidence the country set it up that way. They did that on purpose so they can’t be blamed. The regularly make false allegations, twist the truth and manufacture evidence against innocent families and bring them to court where the judge treats them like gods and the people like crap and do not properly investigate or follow through. The entire system is build to fail the family so there is no protection.

    That is the reality of all low income families in Canada.

    What I would like to know is why the yellow vests are fighting for this reason and instead a friggin pipeline.

  11. Well, it’s great news.
    She got her baby back!!!
    But it goes to prove my point above – Does a single person think for one second, that her baby would be back with her, if that man – a freaking savior, didn’t record these scum bags?

    Not a chance. They would of done everything in their power to keep that baby away from her mother.
    Like I posted above:
    This is a good news story and a little eff you to the parasites that steal our children.

  12. Where to even begin. After seeing the dirty tricks and lies these “workers” do and get away with , I believe CAS chapters have truly become one of the worse crimes against humanity. They have lost sight of what their true purpose is and yes having children in the care of CAS generates money back into the system .That is no less than human trafficking .

    CAS needs to be dismantled and reconstructed . If a serious complaint is made against a parent then there needs to be proper phycologists involved and then and only after a full investigation and proof with properly disclosed and documented evidence the case should be turned over to a community tribunal system to make recommendations of what is truly in the child’s best interest. Some “worker ” without a social work degree should not even be allowed to work at CAS , that part is obvious .

    . If a severe case that involves imminent danger to child then law enforcement should take over and act accordingly with a specialize branch that deals with abused children .
    I am sure law enforcement investigations would be conducted far better than by some “worker ” who has no degree .

    CAS often fail to provide every member of that child’s family an opportunity to speak and if they are given the opportunity (which rarely happens ) it should be conducted without that family member feeling intimidated.. all interviews should be recorded and mandatory . Transparency is vital yet CAS don’t allow parents to record ? That speaks volumes about their conduct .

    Another area CAS get involved in is custody battles .Custody battles are not child abuse situations, if it were it should be presented in criminal court . Most custody battles happens becuase moms and dads are fighting over who gets to care for Thier child and when. One needs to remember , The family court room is a cess pool for lies , deceit and false allegations . The adversarial justice system simply doesn’t work in a family court room . Adversarial law is for two parties seeking justice . These are families , not parties fighting over a piece of property!

    In a court room we all know Lawyers play tricks and games to “win” their case . Deciding where a child will live should never involve that sort of legal bartering !
    Then these family court judges are left to make the SOLE and often WRONG orders because they are sifting through a lot of lies and truths not to.mention all the court rules and mumbo jumbo that goes along with adversarial law
    . How often then the parent and or CAS (if they are a party in the case ) who told the better lies is the one that Judge believed.
    Either enlist a jury or send these cases to a specialized community based tribunal where more than one “professional” can decide the truths from the lies and HELP these parents do what is best for their chiIkdren.
    The entire family justice system needs to be abolished and replaced with a community based tribunal that consists of a bourd of professional qualified members that can dig deep and find the truths even in child protection matters .

    Just like one other poster said , I have seen these “workers” tip off a mother , same “worker” refusd to interview the father or other family members and then gave a bias reports to a judge and the worse part is they get away with it all to often . Have seen an OCL investigator try to get to the bottom of a custody battle with zero co-operation from the CAS worker that was initially involved in the case . That file had somehow conventionally been lost when the father attempted to prove the mother and the CAS worker had collaborated and were friends . Have heard these similar stories many times . One case the father and the CAS worker were secretly in a relationship and managed to remove the mother from her child’s life with tampered reports and false allegations . Don’t get me wrong there are good CAS workers out there but any I have spoke with know the system is more than a mess .

  13. My son lost his children, his ex went into Supreme Court and lied, she said he was an absentee father and she had no idea where he was, meanwhile he was fighting in provincial court to see his children. When she got sole guardianship, she had my son removed from their birth certificates, she changed their names to her new boyfriends. With his name as theirs she had them adopted by him. All legal without my sons knowledge or permission. This all took 6 months. When he figured out what she had done he was devastated. It has cost thousands of $ and three years later he is no further ahead in changing anything.

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