(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A huge police presence has erupted on the cities south side this evening at the corner of Brodie Street South & Arthur.

Thunder Bay Police Service, Superior North EMS along with Thunder Bay Fire Rescue responded to the scene shortly before 6:30 pm.


6 police cruisers, an ambulance and a fire truck were on the location of 300 Brodie Street South.

Residents in the area said they believe someone was stabbed, and another person told us they heard 3 gunshots.

One person was sent to hospital with at least 3 gunshot wounds, they have since succumbed to their injuries. Police are looking for the suspects who are believed to be black southern Ontario gang members.


The victim Has been identified as 35-year-old convicted killer Geoff Corbeil (pictured below), a resident of Thunder Bay. Next of kin has been notified.

Corbeil was shot in the leg/chest and bled out, our sources indicate. There were also multiple people in the house with warrants for their arrest at the time.

This is the cities 7th homicide of 2018.

Multiple people were seen being placed in police vehicles.

Undercover officers are believed to have been watching the house during this incident and saw the black Toronto gang members ambush the residence and then flee the scene.

Word on the street is that the southern Ontario gangs are attempting to completely take over the town, and don’t want others selling drugs on their “turf”.



Police put out this low detail media release around 7:25 am on November 12th. They try to say that next of kin wasn’t notified 13 hours after the situation unfolded, yet his mother and baby momma were posting about it online well before we knew. His mother is how we found out.

Homicide 300 block of South Brodie Street

Thunder Bay Police Service officers responded to reports of possible gunfire in a residence on the 300 block of South Brodie Street just before 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018.

When officers arrived they found a male with serious life-threatening injuries. Police with the assistance of Superior North EMS paramedics and Thunder Bay Fire Rescue firefighters began emergency medical treatment.


The 35-year-old male was transported to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in efforts to save his life. The male was pronounced deceased shortly after 7 p.m.


The victim’s name is being withheld pending next of kin notification.


March 31st, 2005 at approximately 7:00 am Thunder Bay Police Service officers and Superior North EMS paramedics responded to a call in the 500-block of North James Street. Upon their arrival they found Patrick Shane Kwandibens lying on the ground just outside Limbrick Place.

35-year-old Kwandibens had 38-stab wounds in his chest and was unresponsive. The victim was convicted previously for a home invasion in which three people had been stabbed.


On April 3rd, 2005 then 23-year-old Geoffrey Christopher Corbeil was charged with sexual assault, uttering threats and second-degree murder. A second suspect, then 37-year old Robert Lloyd Gray was being hunted down by police.

Police described Gray as dangerous, as he had prior prison terms and assaults. Gray was also described as being 256 pounds, long black hair, a tears-and-stars-shaped tattoo below his left eye and a faint swastika on his forehead.

Gray, an indigenous man, was arrested on April 8th, 2005 and charged with second-degree murder and breach of probation.

Fast-forward to July 27th, 2006 and Corbeil pleaded to the lesser charge of manslaughter and was sentenced to 9 years in a federal penitentiary. After his pre-sentence custody was calculated, he only had 5 more years to go.


Admitted facts were that Corbeil and Gray attacked Kwandibens due to an issue they had when they were all doing time together in Stony Mountain.

We are unsure at this time what happened during Gray’s trial.

Robert Gray would also become the victim of a homicide. 50-year-old Robert Gray was found dead along with 22-year-old Kory Lee Campbell at a Carl Avenue residence in mid 2017.

41-year-old Garnett Loon and 19-year-old Kailee Loon were arrested in Sioux Lookout shortly after the gruesome discovery and charged each with second-degree murder. Garnett Loon would later have his charge upgraded to first-degree murder.

The Loons knew Gray and Campbell, police say.

Garnet Loon has over 30 previous convictions for violence and had plead guilty in 2009 for the 2007 Christmas Eve death of 18-year-old Jordan Achneepineskum. Achneepineskum was found with serious injuries to his head in an apartment complex.

Both Garnet Loon and Robert Gray are known members of the Native Syndicate criminal street gang.

Robert Gray’s girlfriend in 2002 was Meredith Achneepineskum. She was charged and acquitted due to a lack of evidence with the murder of Robert Gray’s sister, Jocelyn Gray.

Jocelyn Gray was stabbed in the chest while she slept. Robert Gray was widely suspected of stabbing his sister to death but was never charged

Police remain on scene, investigating what had happened. Please avoid the area.

With files from Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition



  1. To live and die in TBay…

    Everyone hits a low point at some time in their lives.
    Some learn from it, others become trapped by it.
    Dont let your circumstances define the person you are or can be.
    Theres always a light in the darkest of places.

    RIP Geoff.

  2. I’m not sure what to say about this but I’m sure it’s about to get crazier! I believe that these gangs are just soldiers for what is really going on. Do they want our port? People get off the drugs and don’t support. My condolences to the family.

  3. This happened 3 houses down from me! My kids could’ve been playing outside ffs!!! THESE SCUM GANG MEMBERS gotta go!!! Too close to home!!!

    1. I agree. Not like you can just up and move. Our kids are growing up to different times. This has become the normal for them. Death and destruction of lives. I’m sure your children go to school and have friends whom have parents that are poor have no money cause their high or they are trying and going to rehab or OD. Yes this is true!! I’m so saddened for the all the children affected by the drug war.

    2. @Shh I don’t think putting my thoughts out there are stupid or silly af. Thanks for your comment thou someone is listening. Lol. Have a nice day!!

  4. Your news postings are the best source of news tbay has had. We have needed your site for info for yrs as the tbay news paper provides nothing.As far as these punk kids with guns from southern ont calling tbay there home. They need to go back to where they come from or cant they make it in southern on. There destroying house values and recking a once great city.What ever happened to the days a person settled there disputes with there hands in the back yard. Holding a gun just makes you a coward. I hope the police and or the hells angels run these pukes out of town for good. There killing our good folks of tbay and killing property. vaulues

  5. I agree these guys are punk pukes that think there tough with guns but could not stand toe to toe with a real man. Thanks to this web site for posting all this because the local news paper and city tv news hides it all.Glad your kids are safe and we do need these pukes gone there running our city into the ground. House values go in the tank etc. If the cope cant do it then the communty must

  6. They seem to be taking out their own , I feel terrible for the family of the victim . It didn’t seem his path had changed he did time obviously got into same crowd or new one was he not on parole not monitored to keep the public safe OR DO THEY CARE

    1. These gang bangers are killing thunderbay residents they want control of the drugs girls and anything else they can get their criminal hands into this is not going to end and for those that day they are taking out their own. Just remember we had lots of drug pushers before these clowns showed up and our people were not in danger of being hurt this is a takeover and the goal is to wipe us out wake the kcuf up

    2. Exactly! And that’s why these people from TGTA should just stay. Don’t even like going to tbay to shop anymore 😏

  7. My twin brother was murdered and some of you people are acting like he didn’t matter because of his past. What wasn’t posted in this article is that he had a family who loved him, children whom he adored and loved more than life itself. My nieces and nephew lost their father and are heartbroken. I lost my brother and I’m completely shattered. Yes, he had a criminal record but no, he did NOT deserve to be murdered.

    1. if he realy cared and loved his children more than life itself he would have changed his lifestyle , remember these are choices he made . Play with fire you get burnt , did he not take someone else’s life once ???????

    2. Totally agree. Just because of someone past doesn’t mean that he should have been murdered. This loving family is devastated. He has children a loving mother sister and other family members. I hope they find the person who did this. I hope the justice system will throw the book at him. He is probably out there waiting for the next individual. Shameful

    3. I’m sorry for the loss of your twin brother. I also agree by bringing up this mans past is taking away from a life being lost by murder. Another time

  8. Why would the Hells Angels want to help or even get involved? Sure they could help get rid of these gangs, but the only thanks they’ll get, is the police smashing the windows out of the clubhouse, and find nothing but a couple cuts and maybe some beer. Just like they did twice already. They just want to ride there bikes and party on, its not the trouble for them.

  9. Bunch of scrubs th3we native syndicate…they dnt even wear thhere gang colors were im fro..pegciti 204 killapeg murdertoba ip88thug

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