Brian Hamilton Comments on Designated Truck Route


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – 🌿Last night, shortly after midnight City Council voted to implement the Designated Truck Route Plan that would prohibit cross country transport trucks from using Arthur St. and Dawson Road. Trucks would be required to utilize the Harbour Extension(11/17) for thru traffic.


✔️I voted in favour of the DTR and here’s why:


🔹For starters, up til now the THUNDER BAY EXPRESSWAY has never been a real highway. By having the ‘bypasses’(Dawson Rd & Arthur St) we have been able to adopt it as primarily residential infrastructure. But it comes at a great cost, city neighbourhoods.

🔸COUNTY PARK/JUMBO GARDENS and ARTHUR ST. WEST is Thunder Bay proper. They are both high density residential areas with thousands of THUNDER BAY RESIDENTS. They have been enduring the transport truck congestion quietly for years. It is true that these roadways are long established truck-routes but to envision a CITY ON THE RISE it is important to assess and respond to infrastructure/safety issues as they arise. In this case, the facts speak for themselves.

🔹The HARBOUR EXTENSION has capacity. It is indisputable. It also has minimal driveways and good site lines throughout the route. This stretch of highway, though not perfect is engineered for long haul trucks; broad shoulders, wider lanes. The main concern for Council was how do we get the trucks there.


🔸The three sets of TRAFFIC LIGHTS(Oliver/John/Red River Rd) on the Expressway have been our biggest concern. However, these intersections are equipped with ‘advanced detection technology’ that maximizes safety for all vehicle traffic. I was sceptical at first but evidence has shown that they work. Our plan needs to consider both Expressway drivers and the community at-large. It is safe to say that the addition of these trucks to the TBE will mean more congestion. Drivers will have to remain attentive, calibrate their routes and share the road. It is not an impossible task. In the meantime, we add two more safe and livable neighbourhoods to our City profile.

🔹KAKABEKA FALLS is our strategic partner and ally. They will definitely see more traffic as a result of this decision. Being concerned about this I contacted the MTO and was assured that given new data their town council can apply for and initiate their own community safety plan, which could include traffic lights, crosswalks or other traffic calming infrastructure.

🔸The DESIGNATED TRUCK ROUTE means change. Commuters will have to adjust slightly but in doing a safety cost-benefit analysis the DTR is a win for Thunder Bay. If it falters we can make adjustments or cancel the plan entirely. We are not installing million dollar infrastructure. We are printing a few signs and doing some basic enforcement.

🔹This implementation will be CLOSELY MONITORED by every level of government. It will be an organic process in traffic flow management. We will be responsive, attentive and ACCOUNTABLE.

🔸City Council, traffic engineers and the dozens of experts that have looked at this will be riding these highways too. If it does not work it CAN BE UNDONE but after ten years of intensive research and consultation, we have to try.

Thank you for your continued support and please feel free to contact me about this issue or any other WARD ISSUES @ OR telephone 251-2551.

By Brian Hamilton, City Councillor


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  1. It is a danegrous road already. If this was in Southern Ontario It WOULD have a barricade down the middle of the road. Why not here? How many more people will have to lose life and limb before a divider is placed down the center of this often ice covered road?

    That is ONE big problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. That will make it much safer for all the drivers on the road.

    1. What’s next a petition to get the Cross Canada / Province Semi Trucks off of the Trans Canada Hwy. Now that looks weird.

  2. Hey Brian and the 7 who voted for this. I bought a house near the airport, the noise is too much and the fumes cause cancer. Can we move the airport next?

    1. so true the people that are complaining bought houses close to or on existing Highways( 102 & 11/17) . Always been my thought but love the airport analogy

    2. You forgot to mention the shaking of the house from the trains or the smell from the mill! I hope they work on getting them moved out of my neighbourhood too!!


  3. I would love to hear more about this ‘advanced detection technology’ and how it applies to a 40 ton rig coming downhill (southbound) like at Oliver Rd and the Xway. Perhaps you are thinking of advance warning lights, like the ones they were supposed to keep deploying but never did ? They do seem to work for all but the drivers who are determined to run the yellow/red. Does the system you mention hold off on the crossing green when it ‘detects’ a red light runner ?
    I appreciate the laugh out loud when I read about the CLOSELY MONITORED and ACCOUNTABLE parts.
    For some odd reason, I pictured a single post-change traffic study done by summer students and then , in the event of an epic accident, a whole lot of various people finger pointing at each other.

  4. B. Hamilton, you are so concerned with the congestion on Dawson/highway 102 that is only 4 blocks long up to Jumbo Gardens! Nice move Guirtouga with the new Council. The only reason the Harbour Extension was built was for the extra length and width loads coming out of Keffer Terminal headed West that wouldn’t make the Arthur, Expressway corner, and for the new bridge at Sunshine, removing the steel structure above the highway. IMO what a waste of time money and energy to try to fix something that is not broken. I’ve driven 102 many a time and for the life of me do not see a problem with it. It has paved shoulders all the way. The problem is with the drivers who want 102 as their private driveway. Don’t like the traffic? Then MOVE!!

  5. How can you call Kakabeka an ally and strategic partner and not include them in this decision? Lucy Kloosterhuis has gone on record on tbnewswatch to state that there was “never ever any contact from Thunder Bay city council to discuss this agenda with Oliver Paipoonge”? And the people who say that the complaint that kB school is right on the highway is illegitimate because five mile is also on highway…. big difference, only a portion of truck traffic passes five mile where as 100% would end up passing kB school. Btw I have lived out 102 my whole life and love driving with the transports every day!!

    1. This would not be an issue if the Mayor? of oliver did not request the harbour extension to change and come out at vibert road. originally it was to go west of kakabeka to shabaqua on land already purchased from residents between kakabeka to shabaqua many years ago so kakabeka would not loose traffic for businesses. that is why the harbour extension comes out at VIBERT road. Good job! If you do not believe it google it I remembered this and took 2 minutes to find the info! I hope the MTO remembers this with the new request from the MAYOR??

  6. I’m opening a small business on Highway 102 that every trucking company will have a delivery to drop something off, or pickup.

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