(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in courtroom 102 on October 17th, Thunder Bay is 48-year-old Laura McIssac.

His Honour, Justice Frank Valente is presiding, along with Crown Attorney Andrew Sadler and defence lawyer David Bruzzese.


McIsaac stands about 5’9″ tall, has some purple dye in her shorter hair, roughly lower ear level, and is very fidgety and seems to be chewing invisible gum.

McIsaac is charged with and pleads guilty to:

  • Breach probation (fail to report) contrary to section 733.1 of the criminal code of Canada
  • Theft under $5000 (HomeSense) contrary to section 334(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Break and Enter (Garage) and did commit the indictable offence of theft contrary to section 348(1)(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada


McIsaac was placed on a probation order on March 20th of 2018 following a brief stint in custody. She failed to report pursuant to the probation order.


June 28th, 2018 police seen McIssac leaving HomeSense with approximately $158.12 of men’s underwear and socks. That property was retrieved and returned to the store. She was charged with theft in respect to stealing that property.

September 19th, 2018 police were called by a resident in the East End regarding a possible break and enter in progress. When police attended, they located McIssac inside a garage in the back lane of an East End address.

The person who called the police indicated that they had seen McIssac going in and out of the garage several times, removing things from the building.

When police searched her after the arrest, they located some collector coins and a watch on her person, that McIsaac admitted had come from the garage that she was in, and belonged to the owner of that place.

The probation order that McIssac was on, was in relation to two counts of theft. for which she received a short period of custody followed by probation.



Both the Crown and the defence have agreed to reduce the Break and Enter charge to a Theft charge.

Defence lawyer Bruzzese starts out his submissions by stating that McIsaac has a related criminal record for these types of offences. He further says that she struggles with substance abuse and that this is a pattern of behaviour that is directly related to that.

McIsaac is planning on going into treatment upon her release from custody, and she recognizes that she needs help.

She has been in custody since September 19th, and he is asking that her pre-sentence custody be attributed to her 733 count (breach of probation) and her 334 count (theft from HomeSense). On an enhanced basis that would amount to 45 days for the two offences.

Regarding the offence from September 19th, he is asking for a sentence of 59 days going forward. No probation is suggested as she is already on existing probation order until late March 2019.


The Crown agrees that the existing probation order will be sufficient and no further probation is needed. Further, the Crown states that she has an extensive criminal record and that due to that record, custody is “inescapable”.


The Crown states that the breach of probation would amount to 1 day, plus 12 days of presentence custody, and the theft amount to 1 day, plus 30 days of presentence custody consecutive. The Crown states that this is an appropriate sentence regarding the circumstances.

Bruzzese asks for 1 year to pay the mandatory Victim Fine Surcharge, which is granted.

His Honour accepts the joint submission put forth by both the Crown and the defence, and sentences McIsaac to an additional 59 days in custody.


McIsaac is escorted back to the basement of the Courthouse, where she will wait for the prisoner shuttle back to the correctional centre.

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    1. Fortunately I don’t know people that steal from peoples backyards. It’s downright low rock bottom. At least she acknowledges she has a problem and is off the street. She wouldn’t be doing this if she wasn’t a drug addict. Do you know her personally maybe you can enlighten me? She is safe where she is now behind bars.

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