Braiden Jacob’s Murder Suspect Identified Here


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last night, the Thunder Bay Police Service announced that it had a 22-year-old male is in custody regarding the Chapples Park murder death of 17-year-old Braiden Jacob. Shortly after 5:00 pm on Friday, December 14th, 2018, the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation Police Service assisted the Thunder Bay Police Service in making the arrest, and transporting the suspect to Thunder Bay where he was held and has now appeared in WASH court. (Weekend and Statutory Holiday).


Multiple sources have indicated to TRCCTB.COM that Braiden Jacob was found brutally beaten when police located his body. The Thunder Bay Police Service would later confirm these findings by admitted the body was found with signs of trauma. There has been some information which is leading to gang involvement in the death of Braiden Jacob.


Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail court before Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach, is a 22-year-old male named Jonthan Joseph Yellowhead from Fort Hope (all photos). Yellowhead is appearing in court via video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station while in police custody. Crown Attorney Derrick Silvestro is also working WASH court this weekend, along with duty counsel lawyer Morris.

Yellowhead is facing a second-degree murder charge. The Justice of the Peace has no power to rule over this case, as it is strictly a Superior Court matter. He is also facing a breach of probation charge. described Second-degree murder as “if you do not plan and you do not deliberate about it but you still intend to kill someone, that is second-degree murder. The sentencing ranges from life in jail with no parole for 10 years to 25 years. If there are mitigating factors the jury can recommend the minimum.”


Yellowhead was denied bail today and has a future court date of Tuesday, December 18th, 2018.

Family members of Braiden Jacob were in court today, and identified the suspect as Braiden Jacob’s alleged murder suspect.

Yellowhead is escorted back to his jail cell at the Thunder Bay Police Service station, where he will wait to be transported to the Thunder Bay District Jail to wait for his next court date to answer to the charges.

Jacob’s body was found on Sunday, December 9th, 2018 shortly after 11:30 am when a passerby saw what they believed was a human corpse. Police responded to the scene and immediately taped off the area and blocked off vehicle access to Chapples Park. We reported the same day that we had received information that it may have been a homicide and we confirmed that information on Tuesday of this week when we reported that Jacob’s body was found badly beaten.

Chapples Park has been the last known location of numerous missing people as well as the spot where multiple homicides are believed to have taken place. The Bear Clan was on patrol not long ago when they reported that a group of aggressive males blocked them in the park and started yelling racial slurs and threatening words.

The video of Bear Clan’s encounter will be released to the public soon, as a journalist was with them and will be putting the content in the related article that comes out. We have not been able to confirm if that video was given to the police to assist in the Braiden Jacob investigation.


We will be updating this article shortly with more information, stay tuned.


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  1. When are the Police going to get their act together and stop doing this to the Indigenous?
    In all seriousness, this is a travesty for all involved.

    1. So Bubba where do you get off saying this is the fault of the police again it was an Indigenous man who killed this young man the police did an amazing job finding the murderer in a few days THUMBS UP to the police. Maybe you should get glasses to see that alot of the Indigenous incidents are done by Indigenous people to other indigenous people. Yes there is some racism here but not as much as the Indigenous people believe there is stop hurting each other and blaming the police or the white man

    2. What crap . A young man was murdered and our police found and charged the alegrd scumbag in short orderhow can anyone complian about ower officers excelent job.Hopefully our Judges will do the rite thing FOR A CHANGE .

    3. Lol anonymous, coward. But only here to say… The police knew the report was coming out, already knew they were guilty, had to work 10x harder than ever. Point is, with out the review that was going to be taking place few days after he was found, they wouldnt have done thier job at all.

    4. Angel I don’t think TBPS had to work to hard. Rumours spread fast around certain reserves and the family already knew who did it. NAN brought him in.

  2. Unbelievably sad news for the people of Thunder Bay, here’s hoping NAN steps up to address the aboriginal on aboriginal violence our city has inherited.

    1. No s**t! Chief fiddler is always shooting his big mouth off and his people are killing each other, perhaps he should get off his whining a** and move from his cushy home and help his own people and get them the f**k out of here and stop the racism that he’s contributing to!

    2. Get THEM the f**k out here ??? Who the f**k are you talking too cause I’m Native and I’m not going anywhere. You get the f**k out. How’s that in a nutshell you stupid racist b**ch.

  3. Well well Fiddler of NAN, what you say now!!!!? Nothing as always…this is on your shoulders again, look in a mirror, that’s who is to blame!

  4. Aboriginal or white, I don’t care! Let’s focus on the real issue at hand, these evil ba****ds infesting not only the general public, but targeting our youth as well!!! There’s a bigger picture to open your eyes up to people, racism is always gonna be a topic, but this should be a f**king wake up call already after this death. It’s these drug dealers ruining lives and causing this hate in this city!!! I’ve had it with these f**king drug dealers already and can’t wait until their all brought to justice!!! Addiction is bad enough, and having these monsters prey on the weak until there’s no more $ and use for them anymore sickens me. Don’t give into these scumbag dealers, they don’t care about you, your family, your well being or your life.! RIP kid!

  5. Surprise.. surprise!! Where you at Fiddler?!? Who you gonna blame now??
    RIP Braiden.. and my sincere condolences to his family.

  6. Yes it is a sad day for the family of this young man and his community as well but I agree that Alvin Fiddler needs to release that Thunder Bay is not as racist as he or other people think the Indigenous people are killing themselves wake up and stop laying all the blame on our police they did an absolutely wonderful job found the murderer in a few days THUMBS UP to them

  7. It’s plain old racism! Let’s blame the police…let’s blame whitey…let’s blame the government…let’s blame everyone else for this tragic event….

    Come on Alvin there is no money or limelight if we don’t blame someone.

    It’s simple gang related activity from the posse boys of fort hope. Just visit the correctional farm on hwy61 to see how many of the gang reside there

    1. I know you. Not sure who you are, but I know you.
      You’re exactly right about the 61 farm. The people that aren’t in the “know” have NO CLUE what’s really going on out there. They THINK they do – but they don’t. You’d be amazed what you hear when you listen.
      Pino, I mentioned that I heard through the Grapevine this was a gang related murder but you didn’t show my comment. I get that. You won’t show speculation I guess.

    1. Um with our laws they are not so strict that with good behaviour they don’t serve full time, and in some case those people repeat again. We need more harsher jail time for people who murder, and when they are in the big house they need lots of mental support.

  8. This is a terrible tragedy. My prayers are with the family and my heart goes out to them. I hope you find healing and strength to get through the days of hurting. As a Father myself I know the pain of losing a child so I encourage u to think on the good times and draw strength from that and know that there are many who feel your hurt.

  9. My take on this whole racial thing. Did the police miss some things with a couple of the years past homicides… possibly. I’m sure they didn’t get all the cooperation they needed in solving those cases. How many people did they interview that chose not to talk. I’m sure quite a few. Was there things police maybe could have done better quite possibly. Was it work overload or lack of experience again quite possible. If that was some of the reason why investigations were found incomplete well I put that on the police for not put sourcing help. If some of these investigations are reopened I would guess quite possibly the results may be the same or not. My recommendation to this thing would be have all indigenous calls in for police service go to NAN police. Let them deal with the verbal, physical and mental abuse city police deal with daily. If NAN chiefs don’t trust our city police then let the indigenous police themselves. When there is an indigenous death let NAN investigate it. If the NAN police are not big enough to deal with it then let the chiefs bring their resources together and fund their force both in operations and man/woman power. I’m sure this would free up a lot of the city police time to be fighting other crimes that are going on in this city. Funny how everyone is putting down the police for the alleged racial attitude they have but I never see accolades and thanks to them for the other crimes they clean up. Let’s congratulate them on busting these southern Ontario gang creeps moving here taking over people’s homes filling the city with bad drugs and guns. To me this is the real danger and problem facing the city and police. Let’s not forget about the indigenous gangs as well. All bad apples that need to be dealt with. I can go on but that’s enough for now. All comments welcome.

    1. I agree that they should take the lead role on this.
      Do you think they would follow the letter of the law?
      IF the NAN police were in charge how much of this would be reported?
      How many crimes occurring on reserves do you think get reported?
      I could go on but you get the picture

  10. Great job by the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation Police and the TBPS working together to get a murderer who deserves Justice. No place for scum like this in society. At least the NAN Chiefs aren’t involved in the investigation because they would still be looking for the “Whitey” that did it and the killer would be running around to do it again. Can’t believe Bubba thinks an Officer did it. He must always have run-ins with them. Maybe at the Intercity LCBO location or behind Canadian Tire there.

  11. Another snap-back wearing, rap-music loving wanna-be gangster. I haven’t worn a snap-back or tried to be ‘cool’ since I was only 11 😂 grow up

  12. R.I.P Braiden and my condolences to his family and friends

    I was born and raised in this city, and never thought about moving anywhere else. This city was always a great place to live and raise a family. Currently I am afraid to walk anywhere in this city alone, and walking after dark brings on intense anxiety for me
    I want to put my house on the market and leave here. I cant stand what is going on anymore, everyday I hear of the many crimes that are being committed, death, murders., what has happened here, people are running around like crazed animals, stabbing and killing each other., and it is very evident to me who is committing these crimes
    I am not racist and it bothers me very much that white people are being blamed for all of this.. Racism is coming from indigenous peoples as well, but nobody talks about that problem. Its so easy to play the blame game and very easy to pull the race card and I am so sick of all of it. Stop blaming the police for this, they work everyday putting up with all this abuse and BS, and right now with this explosion of crime I’m sure they are very over.worked and under staffed, and they are doing a great job at cleaning up all of this crap.I can tell you I couldn’t tolerate what they go through, and I know I couldn’t be professional if I was a cop, we are all human and everyone has a breaking point. People need to be accountable for their actions, dont blame ‘whitey’ for your crimes. To the people that blasted Bubba, go back and read what he said, he was being sarcastic

  13. Let’s look past color and realize that we have two families and two communities in mourning. I myself am dismayed at how fast people are reacting to this being a native on native crime. Help these people heal and stop the sarcasm. It’s bad enough that native people have a hard time being proud of who they are they don’t need people’s comments here at this time that lack empathy. If you really cared find solutions to the native gang problem. Look beyond that and see who empowers the native gangs and dismantle them.

    1. natives power the native gangs….. wtf are you trying to say that its white mans fault that natives are in gans too?
      condollences to the family and freinds of braiden, i hope this scum that did this to your loved one gets whats coming to him…

    2. Loops, Good comments. I know this will enrage some commenters also but we should not rush to judgement on the accused. He is just that, “accused”. It would not be the first time that a police dept. in a rush to find a suspect on a high profile case made a serious mistake.
      Think David Millard and many others over the years. If the evidence is overwhelming and truthful and this person is convicted then the courts will decide the appropriate punishment.
      In the meantime let’s think with compassion about the grief and suffering of the family of the young murder victim and the sorry state of this city and how we all can collectively help to stop the racism and crime.

  14. Heres to hoping someone pushes his s**t in hard when he’s gone for the next 25 years unless Justin decides to send him to a healing lodge.

  15. Honestly, I could never understand the “two families in mourning” sentiment.. the family of this scum bag killer aren’t entitled to mourning, they should wear his shame.. their negligence helped nurture the society that made his acts acceptable. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be taught basic virtues or to respect the law.. first hand my parents/home life weren’t amazing, yet somehow I’ve never managed to steal/murder/rape/assault anyone.

  16. Must be a fake news report or an alternative facts report. An Indigenous person murdering another Indigenous person in Thunder Bay??? I will be very surprised if this info makes CTV news. I wonder who will get the heat for it. Oh yeah, I guess the police again. Seems EVERYTHING is their fault.

  17. Poor boy! I wish all you people using this platform to insult eachother would realise that this is a child’s death we’re talking about here. It maters not what the colour of his skin was, nor that of the alleged killer…there is a grieving family who needs not to hear your arguments, but your words of comfort and respect. Please show a little empathy.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to your family little man. God bless you, may you rest in peace.

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