“Bounty Hunter”, Failed Mayoral Candidate, Convicted Criminal, Pushes Stolen Shopping Cart


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Although today was a slow news day, it’s not like we have sunk to reporting on people getting evicted for not paying their rent on time.

What we do have is well-known convicted criminal Jim (James) Gamble alleged to be pushing a stolen shopping cart filled with what we were told is toys for children and at least one pair of handcuffs.


Below is what our news complex received today through our tip line.

“Hi. I was at Renco on my lunch hour today and there was a man with a shopping cart full of childrens toys. He had a wanted poster of you on the front. I guess I looked perplexed.”

The woman continued….

“He began talking to me and said he was a bounty hunter from Florida. He stated he was very successful and that is why he was called to Thunder Bay to hunt you. He had handcuffs attached to the shopping cart and said he would get you.”

For clarity, “You” is me, Pino Demasi.

“I asked him his name. It was Jim Gamble. The whole situation was bizarre. First of all is it not a big red flag to see a person walking around with a cart full of kids toys and handcuffs ? Furthermore I was not aware that bounty hunters use shopping carts. Bizarre !! If you choose to post this please do so anonymously.” our tipster stated.

He was wearing a “..pleather jacket full of patches and grey sweat pants. Must be the bounty hunter uniform lmao” when we asked to describe what was going on with his attire.

And there you have it folks, Jim Gamble, who was convicted with criminally harassing a woman some years ago and was recently charged with harassing another woman continues on his harassing campaign. Let’s see how far he goes with this one. Possession of stolen property for that shopping cart would be interesting, and perhaps some social workers need to look into what kids hes been around.


Photo Credit Mandy Brodeur / Facebook.

Anonymous tipster was someone else, not Mandy.

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