UPDATED: Intercity Mall Boot Stomp Beat Down


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Late this afternoon another violent event took place at a separate mall. The first serious incident of the day is alleged to have taken place at the Parkade beside Victoriaville Mall. A link to that story will be posted at the end of this article.

Witnesses on the scene of the Intercity Mall incident have told TRCCTB.COM that an Indigenous male was attacked by two people who were beating on him. After he sustained several substantial blows the duo then began to lay boots to the males head and body as he lay on the ground.


Earlier we reported that witnesses believed the man was stabbed during the altercation. Since then we have received new information from a trusted source that the man was not stabbed, but was beat up very seriously.

We are still waiting for the director of communications at TBPS to release their findings in the matter.

The situation unfolded near the doors to the mall where the GNC is located. After the vicious beating, the male made his way to a bench near the doors where he waited for first responders to arrive, according to witnesses. He was pouring blood along the path that he was walking.


”I walked in on the scene after the first responders were there. It was horrific. I never saw anything like that before in my life.” said a person who arrived at the scene after first responders.

”… I went on my break while the police were there, ambulance was leaving and blood ALL OVER the floor by customer service and all outside the entrance. Was scary s**t.” – An anonymous witness.

The Thunder Bay Police Service are once again hard at work, attempting to sort out this situation and are no doubt looking to press charges against the perpetrators of this violent crime.

Anyone who witnessed this incident and possibly has photos of videos of it are asked to contact us via our newsroom tip line at tips@trcctb.com

If you or anyone you know has any information regarding this incident, such as who the perpetrators are, please reach out to the Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200. If you wish to remain anonymous and are interested in possibly making some cash for your tip, you can reach out to the Crime Stoppers through their website at https://www.p3tips.com/273


11 Replies to “UPDATED: Intercity Mall Boot Stomp Beat Down”

  1. So how is it that you can report that the victim was indigenous but you can’t describe the perps,but you can describe their actions?? Were they white?black?brown?asian?How do people know who to look for or whatch out for??

  2. People stand by and watch without an intervention where was security or any bystander to intervene or do something omg. Why did people let it go on that long and to that extent. Store owners? Shoppers? People on breaks? Mall cops? Nobody? People just rather watch out of fear, entertainment? Wtf. That long and nobody got a picture or description of the offenders? Sad people just dont give a shit about anymore. A human is a human and that we all are. No bystander approach no peer helper nothing. So very sad this day and age. I wonder when an actual call for help was made? After the incident? I hope they find the guys and all 3 get the help they need.

  3. Normally an event like that, in a busy public location, would be captured on video or at the very least pictures taken. Unusual that the perps weren’t either identified or a description given to police? Especially if it was a prolonged and easily viewed attack.

  4. I recall that people do try to intervene and die in the process. Do you not recall the young man who stepped in between a dispute at SilverCity, received a knife for his attempted heroism and died? Not a good call, Nikki

  5. It would be best not to intervene as stated as you might be the next victim. Taking video and photos and yelling for help so that maybe others can come to help and chase the attackers away might be the best approach. Even an unarmed security guard (most are not trained in self defence or are elder old men) is probably only endangering themselves.

  6. One perdon should not intervene but a bunch of people together should have been able to help. Hope they find the fuckers that did this. No matter whom you are, no one deserves that. Guess Thunder Bay should change its name to No Heart.

  7. Liberal government has made it so people are afraid to stand up for or intervene in these situations.
    Out of fear of being charged themselves.
    The criminals have more rights than everyday people.

    If I came across this and “subdued” the attackers, id be in the back of the police car with the other 2 sum bags.
    Good Samaritan law my a**.
    True-dolt needs to be kicked on his as out of parliament.

  8. Pretty sad when everything thats posted turns into a liberal problem just saying almost as bad as americans blaming everything on a hillary or obama. geesh

  9. People in this city always idly stand aside and just look around like “well are u gonna do somethin u should help” very disappointing to see, it was probably more natives beating up natives like I see on a daily basis. None of you guys commenting would’ve done anything in that situation.

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