Bombardiers Thunder Bay Plant to Lay Off 550 Workers


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Bombardier is set to lay off 550 workers at its Thunder Bay plant, according to CTV News.

The plant had a very public struggle keeping up with the order of street cars for Toronto.


The layoffs come as not much of a surprise to some workers.

Bombardier is one of the most significant employers in Thunder Bay and the loss of 550 good jobs will be felt in the community.

As the city struggles with substance abuse and an apparent lack of well-paying jobs, this is just another blow.


Below is the video with more details about the layoffs.


8 Replies to “Bombardiers Thunder Bay Plant to Lay Off 550 Workers”

  1. Good. They need to make quality products and on time without blaming other people or suppliers. If you can’t get the job done someone else can. I don’t feel sorry for any of these guys and I know 6 of them that are probably getting laid off

  2. How can you people be so unsympathetic to these workers ? These lost jobs will just add more misery to this already impoverished city. More unemployment, more crime, more addiction and more family breakups will be the result. House prices will fall and many families will likely have to give up their homes. Have some compassion!

    1. Why should we. They are so far behind and had so much trouble building the cars for the TTA and the only thing they ever did was blame Mexico for sending bad stuff. They have the contract to build the cars so their responsible for it and no one else. Hopefully this will teach them a lesson and take responsibility for their problems

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