(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Everyone who goes out for a night on the town has, or knows someone that has had an encounter with the one called “Biaggio”.

Tales have been told that include grabbing mushrooms from a grocery store, then attempting to sell them outside of bars as magic mushrooms.


Some people have said that fights have broken out, thefts, and other crime.

Today we have come across a video of a person identified as “Biaggio”, who is believed to be in his early 30’s, performing some kind of dancing ritual, in which he seems to run away as soon as the other person takes their jacket off to engage him….. typical.

Do you have any “Biaggio” stories to share? Tell us what happened in the comment section!


Below is the video!


19 Replies to “BIAGGIO STORIES”

  1. Youttube search “Donovin Biaggio” . He is into golden showers. He also cries a lot. He has been known to hang around Superior Gardens as he is related to the main ditch weed dealer there.

  2. Lmfao fucken biaggio…he tried to sell my friend magic mushrooms one day at intercity and they were just regular mushrooms from the grocery store….he also claims to own 2 business that are worth a million dollars each and he also told a bunch of ppl 4 or 5 years ago he was dying of cancer so he could get hand outs

  3. There was the time he was on my city bus and was telling a new young lady at the college that he was the instructor for the brick laying course here at Confederation College. So full of shit. Poor girl was soaking it up too.
    He’s been riding the bullshit train for years. Also known as Joey. I don’t know if he’s ever really had a job?

  4. Yeah, I know this guy! He used to sell drugs to underage girls and then have sex with them! Wasn’t he also involved in a young girl overdosing and dying ?

  5. Once upon a time, this fanny sold my friend the fluffy grass that grows beside the train tracks LOL! I’m really amazed that he hasn’t been murdered yet, he seems to have pissed off just about everyone in tbay.

  6. Haha I grew up with him. He was always like this. His claim to fame used to be his parents owned a pizza joint downtown back in the 90’s. He’s 31, Joey donavon lol

  7. Hes always been like this first time i met him he made my friend bring him to safeway to get mushrooms 8 yeara ago he a begger hes parents own a couple places around town or at least did. Do not give him anything. Had to tell him off the other day

  8. Yeah a real hurting unit..pretty sure he did sexual favors in return for morphine..him and Frano are the two biggest goofs this city has to offer.

  9. Biaggio once told me he had a friend who worked at a local shoppers and throughout a year they siphoned thousands of narcotic pain killers and fentanyl patches. Not sure if its true or not…with him half the crap that comes out of his mouth is exaggeration or straight lies.

  10. Unfortunately I have lived in hell for almost 2 years living in the same building as this loon. Haha sadly I’d be here for days reciting all his lovely episodes here in our building, but one sticks out in my mind that I feel Would be funny. So my hubby and I are having a smoke late one night on our patio when we hear the apartment building door fly open…. out comes the one and only, infamous biaggio sprinting naked, his poor two dogs in toe…. then his girlfriend not far behind chasing him with a huge butcher knife! Lmfao the sad part is even this incident didn’t shock us anymore! Lol

  11. Hahaha, dude getting chased down with a butcher knife and it’s just shrugged off.
    And honestly I don’t blame you. The clown has done it to himeself over and over again.
    Speaking 100% from the heart, Biaggio once was a really good person, before the addiction kicked in.
    You needed something, smokes, a five Bill. Anything, and he would of given it to you.
    But addiction is powerful. It can change even the best of people, almost over night.

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