Bear Clan Post: True or False?


(OPINION) – As soon as I was contacted about this situation I sent off a email to the police chief as soon as possible. The chief responded very quickly to her credit . She takes these types of things very serious.

This is an attempted murder charge if proven true. And is extremely serious.


The chief found no evidence of this type of incident occurring.

They had no reports from anyone and their police cars have GPS on them. The cars are tracked 24 hours a day. No evidence was found to substantiate this claim.


I tried to comment on the Bear Clan site earlier but was NOT allowed to. This was a red flag for me.


This is a serious accusation and it is easy to prove if it occurred.

If the Bear Clan cannot prove this occurred then they are falsely accusing the police of a very serious charge and should be held accountable.

Bear Clan Please provide the evidence about the individual you claim was dropped off in the bush naked by police and forced to walk back.

If you cannot do this, then You are guilty of spreading false information. I would then ask that criminal charges be laid against the person who posted this.

I would also ask people not to support the Bear Clan organization for helping spread false information without verifying the facts. This promotes more racism in our city.

The saddest part if this is proven untrue is that the person and the Bear Clan organization would be hurting the indigenous population the most. By not verifying stories with facts, allowing lies to help further drive a wedge between the indigenous population and their friends and neighbours.

I will also ask the indigenous leaders to get involved and help investigate this incident . We would like to know the truth. The story has been shared over 600 times, and in the post , people are told not to trust the police for this very reason.

Bear Clan you have a lot of credibility on the line and the police want to see and hear about your evidence. If you are not comfortable going to the police then contact any indigenous organization you feel comfortable with and they will help you . Let’s get to the truth . That’s all the indigenous and non indigenous people want.

I think that’s very reasonable.

Aldo Ruberto – City Councillor


7 Replies to “Bear Clan Post: True or False?”

  1. I have a feeling It’s just more nonsensical bs from the Bear Clean.
    Just like the completely coincidental “encounter” during the so called documentary. Staged garbage.
    Someone is pushing an agenda on us.

  2. When u have police investigating police its hard to believe what they say. Even if they are guity police are going to do whatever they can to help cover other officers asses even if they are guilty. Im not saying its true or not im just saying you cant trust police unfortunately and thats been proven.

  3. sounds just like alot of their stories, just another “FAKE” cry for racism against the evil whites!!!
    i d believe there are racist white poeple out there but equally agree there are racist indiginous poeple too,
    this type of behavior does nothing but promote racism!!

  4. If the chief of police said the gps on the cars don’t show anything to support this claim why are you insisting on continuing with it. This to me shows you don’t trust your chief which is disgraceful as far as I am concerned.

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