BE ADVISED: Woman Trying to Get Into Cars at Intersection


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Reports have hit our newsroom about a concerning event unfolding in the city’s south side this morning.

People are saying that they are experiencing a woman attempting to get into their vehicles at the intersection of James and Redwood.


Police have been made aware of the situation and are expected to dispatch officers to the scene to check on the woman.

It is advised to never let strangers into your vehicles as you cannot be sure you will be safe.

At this point it is not sure if the woman is seeking help or has malicious intent.



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  1. She was asking me for money around 730am. She said she was hungry, and had been couch surfing for days. I gave her a muffin, and then again asked for money.
    * I also asked if she needed me to call police or ambulance for her which he declined.

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