Barb’s Laundromat Cash Theft Arrest Made Featuring a Wanted Wednesday Star


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – TRCCTB.COM reported on August 22nd about some cash being heisted out of the till that same at the Barb’s Laundromat on South Algoma Street. The allegations are as follows:


The incident unfolded shortly after 6:30 pm in the evening when a male entered the store, went into the bathroom and then came out and told the store clerk that there was a flood in the bathroom. The clerk went to check the bathroom situation and the male went to the till, removing an undisclosed amount of cash. The culprit then fled the scene. Police arrived at 6:48 pm and spoke to the store clerk.


34-year-old Tyler Freund appeared in bail court this morning by video stream from the Thunder Bay Police Service station. His matter was heard by Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach, Crown Attorney Derrick Silvestro and duty counsel lawyer morris.

Freund is alleged to have been the man in the video below:

Freund is being charged with the following:

  • Theft under $5000 (cash)
  • Fail to comply with probation (keep the peace and be of good behaviour)

Freund was on two probation orders at the time the incident at Barb’s is alleged to have taken place. At least one of those probation orders are from a theft conviction. He also has other criminal matters working their way through the justice system as well in which Wanted Wednesday star Barber Deserraie is jointly charged with him. Fruend was recently released by Justice of the Peace Maslach for these charges on a surety recognizance release. Those charges are:

  • Theft under $5000
  • Fraud under $5000
  • Possession of a stolen credit card

The Crown tells the courts that Freund turned himself in to the police station earlier this morning, and that his Father was supposed to be in court to be his surety. His father did not appear in court, and the Crown is concerned with whether or not Freund is still welcome at his father’s home.

Duty Counsel speaks to Freund in private, and upon return to court states that Freund is still welcomed there. The Crown decides to consent to his release on all of his previous release conditions, which were not read into court, along with some new conditions.

The Crown begins to list Freund’s criminal conviction history, which includes:

  • Numerous breaches of bail conditions
  • Numerous failure to comply with probation
  • Multiple theft charges
  • Obstruction

The Crown is willing to consent to Freund’s release today, under the following additional release conditions:

  • Reside in the 600 block of Edward Street South
  • Not attend Barb’s Laundromat on South Algoma Street
  • No contact with 1 person

Freund consents to the new conditions when canvassed by the Justice of the Peace. Duty counsel requests January 16th, 2018 for the next court date that Freund should return. That request is granted and Freund is ordered released from the Thunder Bay Police Service station.

The release paperwork is being completed and once faxed over to the police station, Freund will be released.


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    1. You’re failing to see the point, Loops. You go on and keep trying to incite racism. I’ve figured you out long ago.

  1. Can someone please explain why you would consider releasing a person that just did a crime after being released for doing another crime. Is the court system gone to hell in a basket or do they care that people get released and then reoffend. It is unbelievable the crap going on in Tbay now. It is a revolving door. If I was a police officer I would be pissed. Bust a guy ,do the paper work, show up for court , guy gets bail and a few days later, same shit ,same person.

    1. The courts release the small fish because the jails and the farm are filled to capacity with bigger , more dangerous fish . We need a new jail in ThunderBay , about the size of the hospital with 5 times the amount of beds .

    1. There’s one thing my Father taught me while growing up, don’t stick your spoon in crazy!
      He also taught me:
      -Stay in School
      -Respect the law
      -Don’t rely on hand outs
      -Respect your elders
      -Don’t steal
      -Work hard for what you have – if it’s always given to you, you’ll take it for granted and want more.

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