Back to Back Christmas Miracles Save Christmas


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay, the city with the giant heart lives up to its name once again. A man was riding on a city bus when he seen something unfolding and captured the moment on camera.

He was making small talk asking the kids what they got for Xmas. That was when he discovered the kids did not get a visit from Santa this year, the reason likely being financial strain. One of the girls started to sob, prompting her mother to comfort her.


A man sitting in front of the girls, started shuffling through his things and that is when Dan King started filming as the beginning of a Christmas miracle was starting. The man reached behind and handed the girls a flower each. The girls smiled and were grateful for the gift.

King later went on The REAL Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay and posted the video, wanting to show people the positive event that unfolded on the city bus. That’s when other citizens in the group started working together to help the kids out.


Food such as turkey and other items were being gathered and preparing to be delivered. Jeremy McFarley (pictured below), Nicole Berube, Elaine Tsekouras, Aggie Desmoulin and Elaina Trabbish all chipped in and brought the kids bags of gifts, decorations, baked goodies, candies and more.

Kelsi Bellin stopped by the girls place last night and delivered a few times, she says the squeals of happiness from the children made her Christmas all the better. “These beautiful girls deserve what thunder bay has to offer them, and I’m so proud of everyone that’s helped. THIS is Thunder Bay ♥️“.

Michael Morriseau donated a turkey and other various food items. Numerous other people have also donated too.

Dan King also made a stop by the families residence and delivered more donations that helped save Christmas, including a Christmas tree and decorations.

Bill Jewitt, his mother and a co-worker from Smith and Walters Towing also made a trip to the girls home, bring more food and presents.


Christmas was saved for this family, good work Thunder Bay. If you have something to donate to the kids, please contact Jeremy Nicole McFarley on Facebook.


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  1. On behalf of myself Bill Jewett and my coworker Brent and his little so who work at smith and Walters towing and also big thanks to my mom and family we are so greatful to help

  2. This is heartwarming. This is the Thunder Bay I know and love. I just hope it happens as often as it needs to. Someday, we may fortunate enough to never be in such a situation because everyone has what they need.

  3. Damn this makes me happy.

    To the mother,
    I know asking for help can be very difficult and even make you feel shameful.
    Please, Do not feel like you failed them or anything like that.
    You did your best. You have a home and most of all, each other.
    We all know that often it comes down to paying the bills or eating.
    It’s a tough decision, but you made the right one.
    You have a beautiful family, cherish those girls.
    I can tell by the picture of you all that they are very happy kids.
    I hope you guys get to create wonderful memories from this Christmas.
    Please feel free to reach out on the fb page if there is anything else at all
    That you guys need.
    We could all use a “hand up” at some point. And I’m happy it was your family who got it.
    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

  4. WOW!!! People in Thunder Bay are so awesome! Thanks for showing kindness and love. Thank you for being Santa’s helpers. You made two little girls very happy. Must be an awesome sight for the mother. God bless!! 💖

  5. Wouldn’t it be great, if, every single day, there was a story like this on here. I challenge all who read this to pick a day in the year, go and help someone in a meaningful way, then post it on here. I have chosen my birthday.

  6. A giant thumbs up to all that donated…but i’m sorry to say I recognize the mother….if she drank less her kids would have what they needed for Christmas….but once again giant thumbs up to those that gave the children a christmas

    1. I was wondering how this could have happened in the first place with all of the resources available in the city. Sad. I’m glad the kids were helped.

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