(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The city’s north side has just experienced yet another attempted abduction.

Sources have informed us of an abduction attempt that occurred at the corner of Clarkson and Windsor around 6:30 pm tonight.


The girl was walking to the Boy’s and Girls club, when a black car with a middle-aged man pulled up next to her. The man started mumbling and then yelling at her as he got out of his vehicle.

It was at this point that he tried to grab her. The child managed to escape the mans abduction attempt and found herself running to the Boy’s and Girls club.

The vehicle was a black car with a middle-aged man driving. The 11-year-old girl is safe, but obviously shaken up.


Details from the little girl: “He was a middle age man short dark hair, beard and tan skin about 5’9 black car with tinted windows.”

The Thunder Bay Police Service were called immediately upon the girls arrival to thr club, and they arrived within 5 minutes.


Details are developing at the moment, and we will update you with more information as it becomes available.

Anyone with information please email us at

Police media release made the following day around lunchtime:

On September 26, 2018 at 6:45 p.m. police took a report of a male getting out of his vehicle and following an 11-year-old girl as she walked near the intersection of Clarkson Street and Windsor Street.

As the girl was walking on Windsor Street she observed a male get out of a Black car with dark tinted windows and he started to walk behind her. She heard him pick up the pace and start to run after her as she started to run toward the Boys and Girls Club.

A passerby on a bike went by and the male stopped and returned to the car. She was able to go into the Boys and Girls Club for assistance and police were called. She was not injured in this incident.

The male suspect is described as being 5’8″ tall with a medium build. He has a full short trimmed beard, short dark hair and tanned skinned. He was wearing grey jogging pants and a black sweater.

The vehicle is described as being a black car with dark tinted windows.


Police are looking to speak to any persons who may have been in the Clarkson Street and Windsor Street area between 6:30 and 6:45 who may have witnessed this incident or the vehicle described involved in this incident.


Specifically, police would like to speak to the person on the bicycle that rode by this incident as it occurred.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call police at 684-1200 or Crime stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or This investigation is ongoing.



  1. what the f**k is wrong with these people!! these are CHILDREN!! leave them alone… pedophiles need to be tortured to death!!! im with bubba on this one, id gladly do the time if it meant id take one of these sick f**ks off the street!!

  2. My step daughter easy abducted by two or three strangers. She was gone for six nights. Police said she was probably a runaway. They let her go on the 7th night. One man got 18 months. The woman did no jail time and the 3rd man was never identified. The judicial system has to change. People like that Have no reason to even breathe the same air as we do. Btw my daughter was 14 and never been in troube.

  3. What about other people driving in that area?! Somebody must have seen it.
    Is it just me or would others do whatever it takes to stop this shit. I would have rammed my car into his, preferably drivers side so he’d be trapped in his vehicle for at least a few minutes until police arrived.
    We need to protect our children!

    1. I tried to stop a sexual assualt and the police arrested me tried ne as a criminal and never did nothing to apprehend the individual that sexually assualted my wife…. im still fighting for my life in court….. so no wonder no one wants to help or get involved….. the problem is our government, laws and the police….. welcome to Canada…… i know i want to leave now…..

  4. Roman,
    contact Pino asap.
    Get you and your wifes story into the public eye immediately.
    If you tried to stop a sexual assault and the scum bag that did it isnt in any sort of trouble, there is a BIG problem there.
    And you need to speak up fast.

    1. there are other thing the cops do nothing about. I have 2 case numbers I reported for Freud 2 years ago an every time I call to see what’s up I get the same thing. oh we been really busy we will get to it. think it is because it’s a guy wanting a woman charged that’s part native. if it was a woman reporting a guy the cops would be picking me up with in the hour

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