At Least 3 Overdoses Since Yesterday


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The opiate epidemic rages on in Thunder Bay and across the nation. Every 5 minutes in Thunder Bay, someone, somewhere is getting high on opiates.
The dangerous and often fatal opiate “purple down” has hit the streets of Thunder Bay by storm and has taken over a majority of the opiate black market. Users get their high from smoking or injecting the drug cocktail which often contains heroin, fentanyl and carfentanil. Recent analysis of local “purple down” had ingredients such as crystal methamphetamine, dog dewormer and random other crap in it.
On Friday in the 100 block of Johnson Ave there was an overdose where a drug user did a little too much and ended up getting Narcanned. The woman was using drugs via a free needle provided by our needle exchange program.
Shortly after that woman overdosed, a male youth in the 500 block of Edward overdosed and ended up in the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (A.K.A. “The Hilton”).
Not too long after that, a woman in the 600 block of west Francis street was using drugs and overdosed. She was shipped off to the emergency department for further monitoring.

Overdose symptoms include:

  • blue lips or nails
  • dizziness and confusion
  • can’t be woken up
  • choking, gurgling or snoring sounds
  • slow, weak or no breathing
  • drowsiness or difficulty staying awake

If you are using drugs, please do so safely:

  • Have naloxone (NARCAN®) ready.
  • Use with other people, but NOT at the exact same time. Never use drugs alone.
  • Start with smaller amounts than usual.
  • An overdose occurs quickly.
  • Call 911 if you suspect the person is overdosing.
  • Stay with the person until help arrives.

For a free naloxone kit, contact the Shelter House or ask your local pharmacist.


About fentanyl

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid pain reliever that is similar to morphine and is estimated to be 50 to 100 times stronger.

About carfentanil

  • It is a toxic synthetic opioid which is sometimes mixed into street drugs.
  • It is not intended for human consumption.
  • It has been used in tablets that look like prescription drugs.
  • It has no smell or taste and you can’t see it.
  • You may not know that your drug is laced with carfentanil.
  • It comes in many forms: powder, pill, liquid and blotter.

With files from Public Health Sudbury & District


5 Replies to “At Least 3 Overdoses Since Yesterday”

  1. I can not think of one justifiable reason why the taxpayers should be on the hook for the enormous cost of providing the infinite doses of Narcan. It is not only Narcan that the taxpayers are on the hook for but all the resources that attend an overdose from the EMS,Fire dept and police to the ER at the hospital. Many people do not have private insurance and have to pay out of their own pocket for an antibiotic, epi-pen or other medications and the druggies get free Narcan. WTF? How about if you can buy the dope then you need to get yourself some Narcan and pay for it yourself. As long as Narcan flows freely as a quick fix to the enormous rates of overdoses then there will be no end in site to reducing drug use. Society enables those druggies to get high because the addicts know the safety net is right beside them at no cost to them. It is time the addicts are held accountable for their own lousy behaviors and they need to own the consequences of their actions.

    1. Iamdone:
      Well said.
      I suspect that someone of importance in the Liberal govt bought shares in the pharma company that manufactures Narcan and/or other anti-overdose related drugs. Rest assured that’s why Narcan etc. is free to consumers but certainly not free to the agencies that buy and dispense it. Us tax paying citizens are forking out multi millions paying the drudger’s way in every respect.
      We pay taxes to ensure that they get welfare to spend on drugs. Then we pay for their free Narcan. We’re getting screwed at every opportunity. I suspect there are influential Liberals making a fortune from this dilemma. Time to vote them out.

  2. Rex I will be over the moon delighted if that phoney baloney mr. dressup gets his butt kicked to the curb. He can pad his resume and save the world on his own dime. You dont feed your neighbours kids while letting your own starve. As much as I hate to sound like the meathead south of us, we do need to start taking care of our own house. . And by that I mean taking care of ALL of Canadians not just the druggies or ones who demand cash for life for every grievance they can bring up. Right now this country is headed on a collision course with similiar events that happened with the Bosnian war in the 90’s. If people think something like that cant happen here they better brush up on some history lessons.

    1. Corrupt Liberals have dragged the country backwards in numerous ways. The “boy with the silver spoon” in his mouth has no concept of reality. What’s happening in this country at grass roots level is oblivious to Turdeau.
      We as a society are being weakened by far too much social burden being put on the backs of the working class. At what point will the strain of unchallenged welfare tear apart the social fabric of this country?
      Dumpster Bay is a prime example of what’s wrong with the Canada. Too many freeloading, alcohol and drug abusing welfare recipients feeding off of the efforts of fewer and fewer working people. Combine them with all of the others that draw from the public purse (teachers, professors, doctors, nurses, judges, crown attorneys, federal, provincial and municipal employees to name a few), the burden is unsustainable for private sector workers and industries.
      At least the public sector workers provide something in return for their wages. Same can’t be said for the thousands of welfare scamming drug abusing/dealing alcoholic leeches in the city that are bleeding the system dry in many, many ways.
      What’s particularly bewildering is that the public sector workers (DSSAB, provincial and municipal politicians) don’t comprehend the dangerous circumstances that they are comfortable with. By their negligence to deal with unabated and exploding numbers of welfare scammers, they are endangering their own security. Sooner or later, there will be an economic crisis due to lack of ability of the private sector to keep the “welfare state” afloat. When that happens, sh!t will certainly hit the fan.

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