ARRESTED: Jason Raven, Murder Suspect


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Within hours of the Thunder Bay Police Service notifying the public about wanted alleged murderer Jason Raven, he has been arrested.

Raven was found and arrested in the area of Victoriaville Mall near Renco’s after 1:30pm today.


Posted by Pino Demasi on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The manhunt for Raven is now over and he is expected to appear in bail court tomorrow. He will not be granted bail tomorrow as a Justice of the Peace cannot handle murder charges.

Raven will be held in custody and appear at a later date before a Superior Court Justice. His charges will likely match David Gregorovich’s as murder and robbery.

Raven is alleged to be one of the people that brutally beat and killed 52-year-old Andrew Ayre near the intersection of Victoria and North. Ayre was brought to hospital but succumbed to his injuries days later.


Police are still investigating this situation and anyone with information are asked to contact them at 807-684-1200. Good work TBPS.



11 Replies to “ARRESTED: Jason Raven, Murder Suspect”

  1. A couple of lowlife scumbag criminals bound for the pen. That is, if the judge has the brains and fortitude to punish them accordingly. However, Gladue will ensure they don’t get what they actually deserve.

    No wonder the murder rate in this city is out of control. Where else can you outright murder someone and be back on the streets in a few months? Murder Bay folks, Murder Bay.

  2. Not much lower than killing a fellow human being for a few bucks.

    Hope these two losers suffer a long, painful, tortuous misery in prison. That is, if the judge and Gladue don’t let them off the hook.

  3. What a waste of ones life so young and murdering a man for a few bucks & his belongings . It is one thing to rob a person but to beat him to death is another now a man is gone forever leaving his children fatherless and 2 men are in jail for it. All I can say is I hope that they lock them both up and throw away the key they do not deserve to walk the streets free men. This young man just threw his whole life away it is a shame what this world is coming to. They say there is a third person involved and if there is I hope they get that one also as quickly as they got these two. I feel for the parents of these 2 men because they are probably in disbelief that their sons could do something so evil. No matter how well you raise your kids they have a mind of their own and they make their decisions I am sure that they know wrong from right and their upbringing no matter how good or bad it was does not justify what they did.

    1. Gansta-thug mentality in an alcohol pickled, drug rotten brain will impair good judgement every time.

      There’s no excuse for these slime bags. If we had strict laws like China or even Islamic countries, these two losers would be strung up or beheaded in a few hours after their day in court. However, in this country, where criminals are pitied and coddled, they’ll get a stern warning, maybe a few months for murder then put back on the streets.

      Our justice system is in a state of serious disrepair. We need to elect a Conservative federal govt to reimpose the rule of law in this country. Then we need to replace the spineless judges we have in Thunder Bay with judges who aren’t brainwashed with Liberal sympathies.

  4. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice all these low life scumbags are always giving the finger in pictures.

  5. The various pictures of these nare do wells give an insight into the state of mental affairs involved here. Weak and wanting in the brain department no doubt. What a lifestyle they have chosen. It’s time for an all expenses paid trip to Con College. They can stay in there for awhile and pound dirt.

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