Appearing this morning, Christmas Morning, Tuesday December 25,2018 via video from the TBPS Station in Courtroom 104 is former Wanted Wednesday star 49 year old LAURA LYNN MCISAAC


It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. His Worship, Marcel Donio is presiding. Provincial Crown Sarah Munch is here along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

MCISAAC appears to be wearing a blue hoodie, has bright blonde hair and doesn’t seem to have any teeth in her mouth. She is facing several criminal charges.

The court hears that yesterday morning at the Dollarama on Dawson Road that MCISAAC was spotted at 9:30am by the Manager placing 7 cans of Dustbuster aerosol cans (valued at 4$each) in her bag without paying for them.


The Manager told her to put them back. She chose to leave store with them.

Thunder Bay Police were called. By this time MCISAAC had boarded a Thunder Bay Transit bus and left. Police pull over the bus and board it. MCISAAC was looking down trying to avoid eye contact with police. She was arrested by TBPS and spent Christmas Eve in jail. She is facing theft and breach of probation charges for that incident.

The court also hears she was arrested on an outstanding warrant of theft and breach from an incident earlier this year at Riley’s Tavern on Frederica Street where she stole cash from the bar.

The Director of Communications at TBPS failed to notify the public about that, so MCISAAC was able to continue stealing in the city without the public being aware. The Director might possibly have been busy with his soy enemas.


Crown Attorney Munch must be feeling in a Christmas mood as she consents to release MCISAAC on no deposit 500$ bail. MCISAAC is ordered to stay away from the Dollarama and Riley’s Tavern. She is going to live at an address on the 1700 block of Mountdale Ave.

Her next court appearance in January 4,2019.



8 Replies to “Arrested for Air Can Duster Heist”

  1. The before and after are just amazing! Oops! Got the pictures backwards! The after and before pictures just give evidence why to stay away from booze and drugs kids!!!

  2. This is ridiculous.she laughs at the court system, no matter what she does she’s back on the street stealing from stores and any people she comes in contact with.why is she not ordered mandatory drug rehab. This in and out is only hurting businesses and people.Thats just enabling her,and we pay taxes so people like her collect welfare, blow that on dope in a day and then steal. People that really need money can’t get it. But a well known thief and criminal drug addict with no fixed address can. Someone should really look into her mount dale adress,then they would know the scam Laura pulls.

  3. Oh my god! When will it be enough. With this huge criminal record why are the courts enabling her.Shes back out stealing again.Lets get this criminal loser off the street before she hurts someone.How are her offences getting minimized? The only thing I can think is she’s ratting out people! People are in jail for a lot less and for long periods! Something is not adding up here. Why is she not in jail and made an example of. Why are social services not putting her in rehab instead of giving her money for her addiction. why are they not looking into this place she says that she lives at.If she’s paying rent she should have rent receipts and her land lord should be claim g that rent! It’s not that hard to figure out. No wonder so many people are pulling these scams and getting away with it..This is disgusting! What does she have to hurt someone before someone looks at this !

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