Another Intoxicated Person Gets a Ride to the Hilton


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service is very busy day to day with numerous calls involving people passed out drunk in a public place, today was no different.

Today they had to deal with numerous calls where they had to almost babysit drunk people and ensure they don’t get violent with medical staff that are attending the calls.


Another incident today at the corner of Ambrose and South Algoma where an intoxicated person had to be hauled off to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Department AKA “The Hilton” to sleep off the booze.

Thunder Bay’s detox centre is often at capacity, rehab centres often have waiting lists many months long. There is a direct link between the rampant crime in Thunder Bay and substance abuse issues. Numerous Judge’s have stated that the majority of crimes committed in Thunder Bay are because of addiction issues.

Thunder Bay needs more addiction-related services. Our police, hospital, paramedics and tax-dollars are being abused in an inefficient and burdening way the system is setup at the moment.


We have very under funded and overwhelmed addiction services available in Thunder Bay. More needs to be done. Push your favourite politician and demand more.


2 Replies to “Another Intoxicated Person Gets a Ride to the Hilton”

  1. Why not open an emergency detox/intake at the LPH. They could also use it as a treatment facility with short term and long term addictions rehab and councelling services. So much could be done there to help address the substance abuse problem and alleviate the problem at the hospital. If only the Ministry of Health and the government would give what is needed to make this a reality. Something needs to be done and the sooner the better.

    1. With Doug Ford as Premier, things will only get worse.
      Look what he has done to families with children that have disabilities.
      Doug Ford is the party for “The People” and “The People” are the wealthy, his Buddies and those that reside in Toronto.

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