Another Child Suicide in Thunder Bay

It is with heavy hearts that we report on another child suicide in town.


Information has come across our desk about a child taking their life way too young. TRCCTB.COM has been informed about the situation by a concerned friend.

It is believed that bullying was a contributing factor, and we have been told that the lack support and intervention by the school to protect the student from bullying may have been a factor.

We are asking anyone who knows about this situation, not mention any ages, gender, or other identifying information as to respect the family at this time.

We need to push our school boards to take bullying more seriously and to stop it at the source, which is behaviour at school.


Crisis Response Telephone Number: 346-8282

Dean and Josh of the BS Show will be holding a public discussion on bullying and working on a plan to tackle the situation. You can participate in the discuussion by showing up to the event, details at the link below: