(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The cities south side has experienced another terrifying experience involving a child and an adult woman attempting to grab the boy.

The family says that their boy was walking home from school when a woman about 35 to 40 years old tried to grab him during his walk home from school.


The woman was not successful, and the boy ran home. When the boy started to run, she began to chase him literally all the way home. Lucky for the boy that he was able to stay ahead of her during the unimaginable situation.


The woman appeared to be intoxicated, once reviewed on the families video surveillance system. They also have a good image of her and an accompanying video.

The police have been notified. This happened in the East End.


Below is a video of the child running into his yard and up the stairs to the door, visibly in a panic.

Below is a video of the suspect walking by a moment later, seemingly excessively grooming her hair.

The father, Dom,  said “… the video is simply a description of the women. This happened up the street. My son was walking home they walked by each other and she reached out to grab him. She missed and he started running home she also started running when he looked back she started walking few houses back. I believe my son. As you could see in the first video how scared he looked.”

The family is upset with the school board and wants to know why some children need to walk 5 or 6 blocks to catch their bus.

“It’s just a matter of time before a child gets abducted”

The family is calling on changes to be made regarding children’s bussing pick ups and drop offs.

Also, the family wants to advise everyone to hold their children a little tighter tonight.

Also, another woman reported the following “Please keep your doors locked while driving on Simpson. My husband was just mugged by a drunk woman with a knife that jumped in the truck.”

We are waiting to get the photo of the woman, we will update this article when we can.



  1. The schools need to accommodate parents to ensure their children are getting to school and home safe and sound. Why make cuts that puts the children at risk? Parents complained about these changes and still nothing is done. I feel like they just don’t care. Do you?

  2. They gave some of us “courtesy bussing”.
    Now, my special needs daughter gets to walk down a busy street with no sidewalks, and we wait for the bus in front of a very rude family’s house. They’ve told us not to step foot on their property, told us not to come there anymore…. The kids flip us off. Thankfully it hasn’t followed my daughter to school, she’s only getting bullied while I’m with her, but I’m still fighting.
    Ps – I do believe I only got my daughter on a bus, do to our special circumstances. Many parents haven’t been so “lucky”, and still have no choice but to leave for work and worry their kid may not make it to the school..

  3. I’m happy that no one was hurt but why is it the schools responsibility to accommodate wether your child gets to and from school. As a responsible parent I would think its your job unless your child it taking the bus then it is the schools responsibility.

    1. Safe pick up spots where children can safely board the bus and closer to their homes. I think it’s more of problem for parents in the city whereas children get picked up at the end of their driveways in the country. Regardless what’s a few extra stops in the city. Parents in the city don’t let their young children wander around the streets cause it’s not safe. Some parents now don’t have a choice because they have to work

  4. In the Donald Vickers parks erea there is a black older model Nissan type car that is tinted out my child and 3 other children have been distressed because of this person on 1 occasion the car stopped and asked 2 girls not 10yrs old if they wanted a ride. Right out front of our home schools are within blocks of here it’s getting damn nerve racking this is happening. Block parenting is a must and I encourage families to talk to neighbors like parents did in the 80s 90s about neighborhood watch

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