(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay Police Service are investigating another abduction, this time in the Westfort Area

In the early morning hours of Sunday September 16, 2018 Thunder Bay Police Service responded to a call for service regarding a female who had been abducted in the Westfort area.


The female was walking home from a local bar and was approached by a vehicle with two occupants, the female was asked if she had called a cab. A male opened the back door and grabbed the female, dragging her into the back seat. The female was later released, physically unharmed.

The vehicle is described as a white four door sedan.

Police are requesting the public’s assitance with any information that could assist this investigation.


Police are reminding the public to be aware of their surrounding and plan a safe route home.

Any information contact Thunder Bay Police 684-1200 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or

Source: TBPS



  1. if i ever see this s**t happen i swear to god ill drive my lifted f350 right up on the hood of the vehicle and park… these “men” that are abducting women need to be dealt with, and i do not mean by the police!!! someone needs to find these “men” and teach them a lesson or straight up make them disappear!!

    1. I’m not sure and not everything gets reported. I was the girl last summer who almost got taken right off Syndicate around lunch time. I fought with everything I had and I think because it was still light out and a busy area they released the hold he had on my arm, but I don’t think I would have gotten away if it would have been dark and not such a busy area. I agree something has to be done.

  2. That doesn’t make much sense unless there are some details left out? Someone pulled up to this girl asked her is she called a cab, forced her to the vehicle too her for a ride and dropped her off unharmed and that is it?

  3. This is so vague and non-descriptive that it leads me to think the lady “picked up at the bar” and cheated on her boyfriend and made up the abduction story to cover up her infidelity.

  4. its these out of town gangs!! they are abducing wemon and forceing them into the sex trade,
    the only other reason someone would be abducted is if there partner or soemone in the family owes money then the drug dealrs do a catch and release (like this one) just to show the person who owes money they can get at them…

    these gangs need to be dealt with!! if i ever see anyone abducting a girl i swear to god they will not walk away from it…. im sick of these gang punks ruining our town..

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