Anonymous Submission #0072 – 75 Academy & The Northern Flipper


(OPINION) (COMMUNITY SUBMISSION) – The Northern Flipper had made its way inside 75 Academy in the early hours Thursday morning and found a nest.

She opened her door and started howling out her mating call. It is common practice for the Northern Flipper to access any dwelling without a lock, make a nest, and look for a mate.


Mating season starts slightly after child tax day and can continue throughout social assistance check day.

Northern Flippers have a natural sense of regret after spending all child tax money in one day.

Their instinct tells them to breed after funds deplete in order to secure more for next months coming. Gotta be prepared for winter.


Good luck Flipper, good luck.

(Editors Note: There is an additional video to this incident which will be released later today, hopefully.)



4 Replies to “Anonymous Submission #0072 – 75 Academy & The Northern Flipper”

  1. I think we as tax paying citizens should demand changes with regards to how our hard earned tax dollars are being wasted on these individuals. It’s become far too easy for everyone and anyone to hold their hand out and expect us to just give them money. I blame our Liberal leaders for this.
    As far as I’m concerned, if they want my tax dollars, the receiver of said money has to account for 100% of it and show receipts. If you can’t, you’re cut off! Plain and simple.

    1. In Florida welfare is given after a negative drug test, guess who left Florida? And bubba, take away the cheque and crime goes up. (If that’s possible)

  2. “God damn BABY!!”

    What is this twits name?
    Someone knows who she is. We need to name an shame.
    Especially if there’s kids there.

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