Anonymous Submission #0074 – Racism


(OPINION, ANONYMOUS) – So we just recently moved back to town. Obviously good paying jobs are hard to come by in Thunder Bay. In today’s society you no longer drop off resume’s at businesses to apply for jobs, you have to apply online.

I figured I would try and apply to the City of Thunder Bay, and I was very surprised by the questions they ask to even apply for a position.


The questions consisted of the following:

  1.  “Are you currently employed with the City of Thunder Bay”
  2.  “Gender”
  3. “Are you a person of Indigenous descent”
  4. “Are you an Indigenous youth?”
  5.  “Are you a member of a visible minority”
  6. “Based on the definition above, do you consider yourself to be a person with a disability”

This is the reason the city of Thunder Bay is considered racist. Applying for a job or getting a job should not be determined by your background, what opportunities you had or didn’t have through out life, what gender you are or what you look or don’t look like.

Applying for or getting a job should be based on solely the qualifications it requires and that is it. The city of Thunder Bay needs to fix this. This not only is not right, but they are not proper questions to be determining proper interviews/employees by.


I am a tax payer of Thunder Bay and I would like to see properly qualified individuals get the proper jobs they applied for, not people who are unqualified but get it based on race, gender ect.

By no means am i saying that the people mentioned in the questions above can’t be qualified, what i am saying is that the job/application process should not be based on this.


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  1. Yes I totally agree with you 100%, and it is not just the city of Thunder Bay that filters this way during the initial application process. This is now almost a standard line of questioning in Canada. And I would say it’s due to the Employment Equity Act of Canada. I mean look at Taco Time. In Thunder Bay at least the owner only hires white women. That’s it. and it’s been like that as far as I can remember. It won’t change, if anything this is now the norm.

  2. The city along with most government offices/departments are trying to fill positions with individuals who meet a certain criteria that reflects the same percentage of that criteria need. In this case, the city maybe trying to hire indigenous members to reflect the percentage of indigenous people in Thunder Bay. I noticed that you said nothing about these qualifications being lowered down to favor these people. It sounds like you’re speculating that this is so. May I remind you that our university and college here in Thunder Bay have been graduating indigenous people for years now. These graduates will have the necessary qualifications to meet what the city is looking for. So don’t get your tightie whities in such a bunch, let the city hire what they require, then I assure you, they will revert back to the norm. It’s quite amusing to see your reaction to this policy when the indigenous people have had to put up with unfair hiring practices for over a hundred years. Now, you know how we feel and have felt throughout the years, it’s quite not fair. At least you acknowledged the fact that there may be some with the same qualifications. Miigwetch. Also, as an indigenous person who does not reside on his or her reserve, I can assure you …WE PAY THE SAME TAXES AS YOU.

    1. Sorry Jim . You need to take the rose coloured glasses off. Racist, is racism no matter who is being singled out. Any time one ethnicity or race is preferred or singled out it is racist. Which is against the human rights code as well.
      And concerning your taxes comment ? I am Nish living in Thunder Bay well educated and even I can believe your untrue comment. The tax and tax exemption status IS NOT THE SAME for native and non native Canadians….but you know that and still make the same ignorant statement

    2. So if you pay the same taxes as us. When you go to Walmart, superstore, Canadian tire or any other store in town then you don’t use your status card because I don’t have one so I can’t use one

    3. Jim what I find amusing is your ignorance on this subject. The Indian Act and the big bad Assimilation word is what kept many Indigenous people from jobs in the past. When the White Paper came out in 1969 that bogeyman the “A” word (assimilation) was the reason many of the top natives resisited abolishing the Indian Act. Some clever leaders were not about to lose their cash for life benefit so they resisted any changes. By doing so they allowed the average Native person to live in abject poverty while some very well educated natives rode the gravy train. This is still happening today. I went to university over 30 years ago and I have studied Aboriginal world views, Aboriginal law and other similiar courses. What is still happening in this country is the result of those elite members of high ranking natives who quite easily screw over their own people and then blame the non natives for it. Attawapiskat a few years ago was one prime example.I am very aware that natives off reserve do pay their share of taxes. My brotherinlaw who never got a penny from anyone and worked two jobs most of his life to provide for his family has native blood in his viens as do my nieces kids who I love very much. . More than 50 years ago Martin Luther King said I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Too bad Canada is more than half a century behind the times. It is permitting racism and discrimination to flourish. It is time that skin colour becomes irrelevant for jobs, schooling, other health benefits, and living accomadations.

  3. Wow! I didn’t think any employer was allowed to those kinds of questions anymore. Sounds like their HR dept is still in the dark ages.

    Hmmm…. I wonder if they consider being left-handed a disability? They need to be reported to the human right commission (or whatever it’s called these days).

  4. When one has had a job and has reached the required number of hours for employment insurance, then they can file for EI. When filling out the application, there is a section that asked if you are of ‘native status’. The reason this is asked is for taxation purposes. Pretty basic information and not a racial attack. As for employers asking this, I do believe it is partially to do with the fact that they are sometimes required to hire a percentage of ‘minorities’. I really don’t feel that this has anything to do with racial intentions. However, to each their own, I guess.

  5. They are asking if you’re indigenous for the city runs programs specifically to help this group of people. You may be more qualified for a job by answering those questions. Not everyone is out to get you. There are tons of indigenous city workers! Stop being so god damn sensitive to everything. If you get out of your own way, you might secure a high paying job with full benefits.

    1. College is just as bad. Their statement to the community brags that they encourage Indigenous hiring of staff. The college has also made it policy to NOT FAIL ANY STUDENTS. They are considered an access college now as a result. If you want a diploma from a respected institution don’t get it from ‘Con’ college . I know of a recent hire there that was unqualified from a pool of qualified candidates at the masters degree level. The new hire has only some college, but was hired solely for being Indigenous with the promise of advancing their education. The place is a joke.

  6. Those questions are for narrowing down candidates.
    If you meet any of those conditions you are pretty much guaranteed to go on to the second stage of the hiring process.
    If not…good luck!

  7. Hiring needs to be determined on education and experience first and foremost. Rules are bent and downright broken when HR sees the Indigenous category box checked off to meet quotas. As per the earlier comment on Indigenous graduates, the college is no longer allowed to fail any students. It is now an access college.

  8. As I was laid off from my career a few months ago, I was forced to go on the job hunt again…and this is the norm, not just at the city of Thunder Bay. All applications at big companies ask these questions. They are trying to fill up their quotas for these groups. It doesn’t mean that non indigenous people won’t get the job, but legally they are to hire so many from each group so they have a diverse work force, that’s it….not racism …chill out lol I’m not native and I’m happy the city is making sure their hiring policies are fair to ALL people

  9. It’s terrible. Our white privilege is running out. No longer are the days where you get hired just for being the superior race. All our lives we had it good. Now it’s being taken away. We must fight for our freedom and taxes. Yeehaw

  10. It’s hard not to be anything in this city. Good ppl go to jail cause our police don’t do their jobs. I face two years for someone I call family while they know who what where and everything they need to catch this person and do nothing. Ive lost and keep losing I stand no chance to have a good life after this. Most of the ppl in this town need treatment support and stop Doug fords budget cuts in order to have them. So it’s hard to to be racist in this city not just about the ppl. But our city as a whole. While many good ppl are getting hurt suffering and so on we wanna focus on just racist comments about races than the fact that this city in general is suffering and our legal system is a joke

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