Anonymous Submission #0073 – Truck Traffic


(OPINION) – This truck route is a joke with the current infrastructure in place. As a local truck driver that does long haul, the city has created a plan that is not safe.

The lights on the expressway change way to fast and at travelling at 90km/h or even 80km/h it takes a significant distance to stop safely without having to worry about locking your brakes. People seem to forget the average transport truck is 80,000 lbs +.


In order to make this route safer there needs to be concrete dividers along the entire expressway, warning signals at intersections aswell as delaying the cross traffic green light even 2 seconds just to make sure everyone can stop. There needs to be lights or some kind of warning system at Vibert road aswell as Twin City intersections. Kekabeka needs to be lowered to 30km/h.

The main thing is the patience of people driving. Yes transports take awhile to get up to speed, doesnt mean you need to race to get in front of us drivers, and people need to give the trucks space.

As truckers we leave a big space in front of us as a cushion to stop safely, to many times cars will move into that space causing us to push our brakes even harder. Which could cause an unsafe situation.


All of these suggestions should of been put in place before making the change.

Thanks – Anonymous Trucker

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  1. So let’s see. You say the lights on the expressway change way too fast. Can that not be fixed/changed? It’s a valid concern. Ask MTO. Where are they in all this? And, oh, if some poor person pulls out ahead of you from a blind intersection or driveway on Dawson (there are quite a few), how quickly can you brake? At least you can see the lights from way far on the Expressway.
    You are right about Vibert and Twin City…Twin City has seen way too many accidents even now. Again, what does the MTO plan to do about it? Did it do anything? And if not, why not?
    I’ve heard the argument that the Kakebeka school is close to the highway. Five Mile School is also right alongside Dawson.
    I’ve heard that there are only 2 passing lanes along 11-17. I believe that is also true on Dawson Road.
    Kakebeka village has a reduced speed limit and 4 lanes through it…hardly adequate but it isn’t any better on Dawson Road.

    I’ve heard the argument that there’s no place for truckers to stop in Kakebeka village; there isn’t anywhere for them to stop along Dawson until they get to County Fair Plaza, either. Maybe Santorelli’s could relocate closer? Maybe the government should compensate?
    So, here’s my point. We need to stop backbiting each other and arguing among those who are affected and start demanding safer roads from the government. This is a heavily populated area (as far as NWOntario goes) , and that includes Kenora and region; even Sudbury has had better highways for decades!
    This reminds me of the story where a village organized people to fish out all the dead bodies that floated down the river…but no one thought to go find out why the dead people got there. We are working at the wrong things.

  2. I agree that it’s foolish, poorly planned and dangerous. How are they going to visibly post their designated section of weight restricted road so that people turning on at sistonens corner are aware? Considering more than half of 102 is provincial. Plus if it’s weight restricted, what does that do to logging/trucking operations that operate down 102? What does it mean for the MTO scale workers? Are they going to lose their jobs? The expressway in my opinion is very dangerous, I know a lot of people who refuse to drive down the expressway due to the asshole drivers in smaller vehicles who drive inappropriately for the weather, drive too slow, cut people off etc. During winter I have seen more accidents and ditched cars in one day on the expressway than on 102 in a whole season. Just wait till the transports are grabbing gears after every light during rush hour and people start whining about them clogging up the expressway. If the city council vote was 7-6 and 2 people switched votes last minute (one change to oppose and one changed to for) perhaps the concerns need to be studied better. Did the city consult with the province regarding the changes? What if the truckers say f@&k it and a bunch drive 102 in protest, does the city have the resources to stop them?

    1. Local industrial traffic will be exempt, the Dawson scale has to deal with the gravel trucks hauling from area pits, the expressway speeds will be adjusted and in time people will adjust accordingly knowing what there location is, increased traffic now on provincial jurisdiction and by volume I’m sure will see funding for improvements, enforcement will fall to the Police, they voted a few times and each time to route got okayed, and by the way is it proper to send a 1000 plus trucks a day through a newly developing area down a city street…they pay taxes…and the local mall has become a Truck Stop is that good for them 24/7 i don’t know here. What’s next a petition to get the Cross Canada / Province Semi Trucks off of the Trans Canada Hwy. Now that looks weird. Just a few of my thoughts anyways. And remember we need numbers / volume good or bad to get changes implemented..that seems to be how things work nowadays.

  3. I totally agree with this Anonymous trucker on this. The 11/17 expressway is a very dangerous highway because of the things that are raised in his submission. It is insanity to permit traffic to travel at 90kph (realistically 100-120) and have no warning of traffic light changes. I also believe that trucks should only be permitted in the right lane unless turning left at the next intersection to avoid them impeding other traffic. There should be a barrier between opposing lanes as mentioned. I wrote to our mayor and aldermen about this and Mark Benz switched his vote to opposing this plan. I hope that the truckers file a court challenge.

  4. Maybe some truckers leave a big space in front of them but I have also looked in my mirror while doing 95 to see a chrome grill and the word Kenworth. What about the 5 trucks in a row that don’t leave enough room between them to allow a passing car to get in between them. So don’t tell me that they leave a big space in front of them. Some do , many don’t.

  5. First Major accident will be at oliver Rd And expressway heading on the downwards slope towards harbour expressway with no warning lights . Plus will still have hundreds of gravel trucks and trailers on Dawson Rd coming from Dog Lake Rd if any one wants gravel in Thunder Bay . Stop whining its a Highway 102 should have thought about that when you bought your houses on the busy route

  6. The good old Trans Canada highway is long past its prime function. As well as most of Canada’s infrastructure. It’s a joke when you think about our connection between western and eastern Canada. One road and two lanes wide for us in NWO and all of Canada getting our junk from China on sea cans, whether railway or roads. We need a true expressway/freeway here in Thunder Bay that bypasses schools, residential areas etc. Build a decent highway. Please

    1. We were promised a 4 lane highway back in 1957,but then again they could not even maintain the buildings on Parliament Hill where is or has all the money gone they collected over the many Years.

  7. shortcomings aside logically 11/17 is safer. 0 driveways 0 businesses 0 schools 2 crosswalks 0 pedestrians along 11/17.
    dawson rd 100s of driveways. schools, churches businesses, Apartments and parks.

    truck drivers can manage a 2 traffic lights, I have an AZ and about a million km. most trucks are covered loads tandem axle . light weight stuff. can stop fine.

  8. What’s next a petition to get the Cross Canada / Province Semi Trucks off of the Trans Canada Hwy. Now that looks weird.

  9. Nothing in concrete yet! The resolution still has to be ratified by the city. During this time, expected to take a few months, the city planners will probably address our concerns. Light changes, signs and what not. Enforcement and won’t happen until then. Like the trucker says, patience.

  10. At the best of times driving the Thunder Bay expressway makes me nervous as its not safe for traffic moving at highway speeds to be controlled by traffic lights that change like they have a mind of their own. It is not designed to handle the traffic safely now, and it will only get worse when all the trucks are forced to use it. The decision to close 102 to truck traffic is a poor decision. It would make more sense to designate hwy 102 the primary trucking route as it routes most traffic away and around the city much like a bypass does.

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