Anonymous Submission #0069 – Why are we afraid of the truth?


(OPINION) – In my opinion, the video provides enough insight into how the officer may have set the ball rolling in that incident that unfolded between the officer and the 17 year old girl on December 2, 2018.

First, you can hear the sounds of the girl getting strapped  to the gurney. 


For the officer, she  may have unknowingly provoked the girl by speaking about the girl to the attendant as if the girl wasn’t there. If you listen to what the officer said and how she said it, reveals that the officer couldn’t have been in right frame of mind, herself. For example,  in the first sentence she’s telling the attendant “I don’t know whyshe decided to stop me from trying to  ……started  to get combative here. Then In next sentence  she’s speaking to the girl repeating in a frustrated tone “you’re going to the hospital”, you’re going to the hospital”. 


Of course, the girl lying in the gurney had just witnessed the officer talking about her which must’ve riled the girl up, because the girl reacted by spitting and saying “f**k you”.

In that instant, when the girl spat, the officer, lost all control and exploded with rage. The officer slapped the girl so hard, it was heard in the video. Then, the officer violently shook the girl up. That  piece was caught in the video how much pressure the officer exerted on the girl. The gurney went down as she officer pushed down on the girl. 


That definitely was no subduing action taken place by the officer, for the girl was already subdued because she was strapped to the gurney. That amount of force used by the officer was most definitely unnecessary. That’s why I question the mind frame of the officer.

Unfortunately, for the officer there were no gestures captured in the video signifying that any spit hit her. As, it would’ve been a natural response to automatically wipe off the spit. Also, the officer didn’t seem to worried about the spit then because the officer immediately placed herself in front of the girl where the girl would’ve had better access to spit in her face or bite her hand. 

All the of the officer’s supporters are blaming the girl. They fail to see that, if the girl was so unruly from the start, the police would have arrested the girl instead. However, the video captured the girl, already, was in the hands of the medical team, which meant that the girl needed medical attention.

That is where the officer fouled up, the medical condition of the girl was unknown at that point because she hadn’t been seen by the Dr.yet.

The officer obstructed that medical process by intervening in a hostile manner. It definitely would’ve been more appropriate if the officer was the one being subdued and placed in the gurney instead because she definitely showed signs that she had lost all control. 

A lot of the officer’s supporters claim that the officer was the victim. Does the officer portray like she was the victim in the video?  Is that how victims act?

Yes, that’s how victims act, because people who play victim do not take responsibility for their actions. Victims usually blame others for their actions. 

The 17 year old girl had an excuse for acting the way she did because she was intoxicated, but what’s the officer’s  excuse for her crappy attitude and her violent outburst?

– Anonymous


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  1. 21 seconds of unclear footage and this is your assessment of the situation?? I have read some stupid s**t written on this story but you take the cake. Your ignorance is mind blowing.

  2. I agree with this article. Finally. How ever, there will be same lame excuse justifying the cops behaviour. People saying they would do the same if they got spit on. Or some say they deserved it when they got slapped or punched by a cop. They’re all lies, I denial.making it right for this cop. And because those people are also on that side of the line, where they pretend they are not but truly are. This is sick. Intergenerational perceptions of the truth.
    I cant fathom how they act so innocent and like thier superior. Wow. Disgraceful.

  3. how is a 17 year olf girl bieng Intoxicated an excuse?
    Why was she intoxicated in the first place?
    Why was she at a well known crack house?
    if these people comeing from reserves that do not know how to live in a proper society do not have PROPER supervision how are they supposed to know how to act? i myself put ALL of the blame of this situation on the girls care givers and legal actions should be taken on them as it is ABSOLTELY WRONG for a 17 year old girl to be intoxicated and a well known crack house in the first place!!!
    NAN should be held acountable for these poeples actions!! sick of this s**t happening in our city..
    honestly just look at the race of poeple causeing most violent crimes in our town and you will see the pattern,
    i am in no way raceist at all i have many Native friends and family members who feel the same way.
    these poeple are coming form reserves that have bad behavior and crimes happening all the time and its normal to them, then when they come to a city they do not know how to act PROPER in society.

    so tired of seeing these trends in our town.. GET YOUR S**T TOGETHER!!!

  4. I stopped reading after your first couple of line.
    It was the MEDIC saying “I don’t know why she’s being combative, she’s just going to the hospital.”
    The police officer walks over, the gurney girl says something along the lines of “Eff you”
    and then the officer gets spit on.
    The first thing the office is heard to say in the video is “you don’t spit on me”

    The officer was not ignoring the girl on the gurney. She was standing by assisting the medic.
    Watch the video again and LISTEN. there are 3 different voices.

  5. One would assume, in this version of events, that the police had just interrupted a peaceful tea and cake party where no one including our peaceful subject was completely out of their minds on drugs and/or booze ?
    I think the police need a “Take Our Detractors to Work Day” where citizens can ride along and experience the thrills.

  6. “what’s the officer’s excuse for her crappy attitude and her violent outburst?”


    A non-compliant “XYV” positive, spitting, crack smoking, disrespectful teenage drunk that weighs probably 65lbs, requiring two grown adults to settle her down??? And 2 of 3 emergency services we (tax payers) pay for.

    Yeah I have to agree with ANDREW WK.. this is a good one.

  7. The officer mentioned here is on leave to take care medical issues in regards to the assault of being spit on. Contracting anything from being spit on is very low unless she has open wounds on her face. To take care of medical issues in regards to being spit on is to wash your face with soap and water. She’s over reacting to any health issues unless there were open wounds therefor I believe she over reacted to the assault on a teenager. Why not just step forward and say I’m sorry. The silence and I’m right attitude by this police officer is creating a divide amongst Thunder Bay citizens. The teenager already said she was wrong and deserved it. Maybe if the officer did the same and spoke up this would all be over.

    1. Loops – you want to know something? I’ll bet if the situation were reversed, and the cop spit on the young adult, you would be the first one out there saying how the young adult’s life is in jeopardy because of the repercussions of the diseased spit. Your hypocrisy is incredible.

      Now, lets out gather in a circle, and pretend there’s love in the room and everything will be OK

    2. Bubba. I would do what? You are all over the map here. Stick to the facts sweetheart before commenting. You would lose that bet too!!!

  8. Andrew and Skeet……….I am with ya 100%. Some dumb ass ,stupid ,ignorant people call us race monguls……..I say we are fed up with aboriginal crime

    1. Race baiting again hey Steve. Why don’t you comment on the white people who look at and create child pornography? Still waiting.

    2. Thats a super high five bud. Its funny how there can b “native pride” but white bread says it and we are a bunch of skin heads….no….we are fed up with having to deal with all this crap and US being blamed for it all

  9. Every race has it’s good and bad. The underage teenager is at fault, the officer handled the situation accordingly, the teenager even posted a response admitting she was in the wrong and wasn’t gonna pursue the matter… Case Closed!


  11. Everyone involved in this video besides the medic acted in a way that fuelled the situation, including the cameraman who cursed at the officer, but good on him for capturing this occurrence on video. The youth was wrong, intoxicated or not, she was out of line and was in no way provoct to act the way she did. The officer’s response was wrong, unprofessional and influenced with anger by slapping the youth. The TBPS’s response by placing the officer on medical leave for exposure to bodily fluids seems a little over reacted. Chief Fiddler’s response just added more fuel to the fire and did nothing to ease the tensions and get down to the facts.

  12. Do you know why we don’t comment if ther was a white girl strapped to that gurney because our first thought wouldn’t be racism, our first thought would be little punk shouldn’t be in a crack house house drunk out of her mind and then spitting. My first thought also would be she deserves a foot up her ass and who us responsible for her. I wouldn’t be screaming racism. I wouldn’t be contacting the National news.

  13. What has happened ? When did people loose the ability to imagine how they would respond in any given situation? Say in a situation such as this? Stop and imagine that you are the medics,trying to help. The kid, wasted and, in a possible life threating position( alcohol poisoning, drug overdose). The police officer just out doing her job like everyone else who works. Now, I am sick of people whinning about ” having compassion for drug addicts, people drunk out of their minds doing stupid s**t. They dont mean what they do, they have had a hard life or whatever lame excuse they give. Being a sibling of a drug addict who has witnessed the crap, pain, frustration and heartache said sibling caused my parents, grandparents.,extended family. How they tried and tried to help. He grew up in the same home as me and my other sibling. As any family, we had issues. Him being the biggest ! He has a long criminal record, in and out of jail, hanging out with scummy people who were just like him or worse. Now he lives in a group home due to a overdose years ago and cannot care for himself. My point is, making excuses for someone acting like an ass because they were intoxicated is in my humble opinion in bulls**t ! Bet these same idiots wouldn’t feel this way if their significant other was at a party, intoxicated and find out their banging someone else in the bathroom would excuse this behaviour because life’s hard and they didn’t mean to do it,the booze/ chemicals that they WILLINGLY took made them act like a moron. NO EXCUSE! Or, gee, someone they love getting killed by a intoxicated driver. Then there is no excuses. As for the Officer, I feel for her. Imagine every day, having to go to a place of employment and having to deal with punks like this????? When was the last time you were spit on while working, called every name under the sun, with people at times acting out violently trying to physically hurt you? (Dr.s, nurses, paramedics, firemen, teachers ,people who choose careers to help people. Paid vasts amounts to get education’s at university or college with hopes of helping our communities) Imagine treated like s**t everyday by NON LAW-ABIDING citizens as you swore an oath to protect those same citizens from OTHER non law abiding citizens and when necessary themselves from themselves. The cops are dicks until you need them, is that it? I myself would like to thank them for the utter bulls**t that they put up with for s**t pay. Putting their LIVES at risk and then having people act like they are the problem in our city makes me sick! Stop being loud mouth pussies and for once, if capable, step out of your little closed minds, and put yourself in her position. If it were me, I don’t want to say how I would react, but Ill say horkng a big one in her face would be part of it, but that’s only in my imagination, and I am not a cop. But I can understand how the events can lead up to this. How would you react, in all truthful honesty how do you imagine you would handle it if someone in your workplace walked up to you, started s**t and then spit on you? How would you react if everyday s**t like this happens? Would you stay or leave your career? How much money would you accept for this type of treatment? Even when at times your physical safety is at risk? How about some compassion for those people?

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