Anonymous Submission #0063 – Neighbourhood Cameras


(OPINION) – I follow the TRCCTB. I have sons and their families living in Thunder Bay. I have SMALL grandchildren there.

I see allot of posts about ‘how do we stop the crime?’ ‘Lessen it’ etc.


I am sure you can put this into a much better short version but why dont neighbors talk to neighbors … gather up stuff that is laying around … have ‘neighborhood garage sales’ … take the money from the sales – buy video surveillance cameras and put them up in their neighborhoods. And see – what else they can come up with from there.

All crimes captured by the cameras can be forwarded to the police and they can then deal with it better and effectively as they have proof.

Thunder Bay is LARGE… many areas are not safe at all apparently… There are ONLY so many police officers to cover the vastness of Thunder Bay… doing this may help them and the neighborhoods! Just a suggestion.


I did try to respond to one such post a few moments ago but it had been removed by the poster already. Just thoughts


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  1. One suggestion would be, get to know your neighbors and families around yout home. Go to Council meetings , Encourage your neighbors and friends to go encourage your neighbors and friends to go. Have neighborhood meetings at your schools or community centers. Put your ideas together and maybe with all your great minds, you can come up with even greater solutions.
    Last but not least, please watch out for the children and elders.
    I hope you’re city finds an answer. 💚💚

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