Anonymous Submission #0057 – Alleged Animal Neglect


(OPINION) – Went to the CLE today. Thought it’d be nice to take the kids to see the animals in the petting zoo.

This guy was standing in one spot not moving for over 2 hours.


This little guy wasnt moving, was shaking and standing in one spot for over 2 hours if not longer I’m just counting the time I witnessed it.

People around these animals were trying to comfort them and were expressing their concerns for the animals.

This was between 6pm and 8pm. We were feeding the animals and when we tried to feed these 2 they wouldnt eat or move.


Its heartbreaking. As much as a petting zoo can be a learning experience for children.. I wont be returning to this one with mine


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  1. Really hope that this is going to be investigated – I’m writing from out of town, otherwise I’d make the call myself.

    Bottom line, any animal that isn’t moving and not eating would have to be drugged- at least in my opinion. Drugged animals then aren’t anxious with all the kids coming around and “excitement” of the fair. Note the picture that indicates that “baby mini donkey may bite”. I’m thinking that to avoid a lawsuit with a potential bite from an animal that is either anxious from the fair or irritated from being held in a pen for such a long time, the animals are drugged.

    Sad. Until people stop going to see these exhibits, these type of practices will continue.

    1. Thanks for bringing this up. I pray something is done about this and an investigation is done. You can still make the call and I urge you to do it. Otherwise it falls on deaf ears and these poor animals continue to suffer!!

    2. Phones work from out of town. You your state your opinion as fact, without any thing to back it up other than more hardened opinion. You must be a real gem to speak with in real life.

  2. For real people? They’re either going to stand there for 2 hours or stand at home for 2 hours.. Tell what makes you think that’s not the norm for them!!!
    The way society is going with this politically correct bullshit is getting old fast. Sooner or later I’m not going to be able to take a leak without doing it wrong in some peoples eyes.
    Give it a rest already with this garbage!

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