Anonymous Submission #0056 – Refills Are Free?


So today I was at the (a fast food joint) on Cumberland with my gf and my 4 year old daughter.
My daughter had ordered her regular chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. Anyways it took about 15 minutes to receive our meal. After sitting at the table I had ordered a Miggity Back meal with fruitopa drink. My daughter has tried some from my cup and stated she wanted some in her bottle.

So I went and filled up her bottle with juice and went to get a refill. In the mean time one of the store managers was sitting at the table staring and talking under her breath because she noticed what I did.


I asked her if there was a problem what I did and that I had paid for the drink. She made me pay for the juice that I put in my daughters bottle and stated if I didn’t pay for it I would have been charged for theft.

Again I was with my daughter I could t believe my ears that this manager was a total b***h pardon my language.

I immediately asked to speak to the store manager who himself wasn’t any help. All he did was print a receipt with no number on it when I asked to speak to someone higher up than them.


The female manager approached the male manager and stated that I called her out on it. She’s right I did! I didn’t appreciate how she talked to me in front of my daughter and my family. Especially over a refill. I thought refills are free.

Anyways I thought I would share my experience.


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  1. Is this a joke?
    1) a child with a bottle shouldn’t be drinking Fruitopia. Good god.
    2) refills might be free for one person, not two.
    3) buy your kid a frickin drink without being so cheap.

    1. You must be a flunky for the said fast food chain. That B____h could have politely advised her that refills were only meant for the original purchaser. Threatening with theft and charging her for a crappy sugar water drink was over the top rude and crude. But what do you expect from corporate flunkys.

  2. What place was this my friend? I take my family to dinner quite often so I would like to avoid this place. Message me if you like.

  3. You got to remember the amount of degenerates and complete scum bags that loiter this location.
    Heck a couple months ago I had to toss one out for coming in screaming drunk. Swearing in front of the group of children.
    One guy said he was going to call the police. I said that will take to long. So I walked over to the “gentleman” causing the scene, politely took him by the arm and led him outside. And pointed him towards the back lane.
    Even caught an applause from some of the parents in there.

    But ya these employees have to deal with the vagrants everyday coming in there. So it’s no wonder they are fed up.
    Still no excuse for taking it out on a paying customer though.

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