Andrew Ayre’s Alleged Murder Suspect Arrested


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in courtroom 104 this morning is 32-year-old David Gregorovich.


He is being charged with the second degree murder of Andrew Ayre. He is also facing a charge of Robbery.


Andrew Ayre was brutally beaten and left for dead near the intersection of Victoria and North on Thursday April 25th, 2019.

His Worship Bernard Caron is present along with Crown Attorney Tamara Fairchild and Gregorovich’s lawyer of choice is Tyler Woods, who is also present.

Gregorovich is being sent to the Thunder Bay district jail as a Justice of the Peace cannot handle the matter of murder.


Details are thin at this point, but the summary is that Andrew was attending a rehabilitation session in Victoriaville Mall regarding an injury to his shoulder. After his session, he attended Newfie’s and had a drink or two. It is believed that while paying for his drink, someone noticed he had some money in his wallet.

Andrew left Newfie’s and was headed down Victoria Ave towards Simpson Street. He was being followed by a group of people. Near the corner of Victoria and North, the group engaged in an altercation with Andrew, resulting in Andrew being brutally beaten.

His money, cell phone and smokes were removed from him. Andrew was picked up by ambulance and taken to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where he was in the intensive care unit. He later died on April 29th, 2019 from his injuries.

The investigation is continuing.

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14 Replies to “Andrew Ayre’s Alleged Murder Suspect Arrested”

  1. Good job by TBPS in apprehending this murderous criminal quickly. Did he act alone? I thought I read that there was a group who attacked Ayre?

    Knowing our criminal justice? system and our gutless judges, this sick pr!ck will be back on the streets in a couple weeks, drinking in Newfies scheming his next crime.

    Kudos to TRCCTB for digging into this and making it public.

  2. IF this guy is found guilty I sincerely hope that he serves a very long prison sentence and I mean 20 years or more.

  3. What I don’t understand is that according to his buddy defending him on Facebook this guy is some king pin drug dealer that doesn’t need to mug people. Also on his Facebook this guy has a Harley, a baby-momma, and a child that all like giving the finger lol. I don’t know if this guy is white trash or brown trash but he is garbage nonetheless. I have a feeling that gladeu and rampant drug addiction are going to be used in his defense, which is bulls**t. Filth like this needs a couple decades in Stony Mountain. In a perfect world a public stoning would be nice but let’s sit back and see what he gets because I’m sure we will ALL be disappointed with the 4 years this bastard will probably get!

    1. .(with or without others) was ludicrous, to say the least…what I don’t understand is not only was is DAYLIGHT but it also took place in the ‘downtown’ area…really people…???????
      You see multiple bodies playing havoc on ONE man, and you do what..???????
      Run away and hide…or…????????? Or was the sun blinding your vision, maybe….???? But what really angers me is this……
      The song goes—only the good the die young, which reigns 💯 % true here…..I’m sorry but I don’t believe it was his time-he was robbed of this, it is a tragedy….Andrew was a super guy, fun loving, a great shoulder on occasion, loyal, a gentleman, and gorgeous back in the day…!!!! Lol. He was a friend…..
      And as for the stoning…I woulda lent an arm, most definitely……🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Whoa two middle fingers? Too tough for me better let the police handle this tough guy.

  5. Guy is a f***ing no good for nothing Newfies loser. I hope he gets 20 years the skinny crackhead. Crazy how this happened in broad f***ing daylight too. No sense of protection in this town, Unreal and a sad tragedy.

  6. Newfies scumbag, just a lazy crackhead who sells to other lazy crackheads to support his habitual use of crack. Parasites that need to be purged and forgotten forever. This is what happens when little wannabe tough guys think they own the city.

  7. It’s at the point where we need a police car stationed right outside of Newfies all day long……you know, that bar where all the degenerates hang out.

  8. My mother would NOT get out of the car today!!!! She totally thinks to get into vicville at the entrance across from fn NOFFIES that she’s walking to be MURDERED just from the ugly CROWD OUTSIDE THE MALL DOORS!!!!! THAT SHIT MUST CHANGE!!!! BEFORE A BIGGER CROWD OF BADDER DUDE’S BECOMES THE NEW NORMAL AT VICVILLE MALL!!!!! How much UGLIER can OUR THUNDER BAY GET????? Let’s not wait anymore!!!! MY FRIEND DIED FROM A SMALL MOB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, DOWN TOWN !!!! WTF IS HAPPENING TO US PEOPLE???? IT’S GETTING WORSE REALLY FN FAST!! Ps😐 mom’s done shopping there for ever!!! Pss I believe if this had happened outside of the CASINO shit would change FASTER!!!! SAD BUT TRUE.

  9. Andrew will be missed by all the friends that knew him. From a young long haired most cool/ hilarious friend with SO MANY FRIENDS to have his life end WAY before his time is just SO WRONG that I don’t mijknow what else I can say .

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