ALERT: Women Report South-Side Creeper Creeping-


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A rather alarming amount of women are reporting a certain vehicle that they feel is creeping/stalking them in the city as of late.

Our sources say that an older man in a black mustang continuously drives by or parks and stares at women as they are walking or going about their business.


The incidents seem to be happening most often near the south downtown core and May Street area.

Anyone who notices this vehicle creeping or lurking around them are urged to get photos and videos of the vehicle but only if safe and from a distance. Send them into us.

We have not received any reports of this vehicle attempting to abduct any women, so far he just appears to be staring and lurking.


Stay safe and travel in groups.


3 Replies to “ALERT: Women Report South-Side Creeper Creeping-”

  1. I’ve seen him lots around fw he’s always driving down mckenzie looking at girls he’s got shoulder length grey hair seen him today actually I’ll get his licence plate next time do I call police with plate number

  2. Probably out cruising, looking for something to spill a batch to.
    Dudes watched literally all the porn, so he’s out of material.
    Needs something fresh to get him off.

    If he’s just jerkin and squirtin, meh, let him do it.

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