ADVISORY: Woman Attempting to Get Into Moving Vehicles


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A concerning incident is unfolding in the city’s south side this evening.

I, myself, was lurking around, patrolling the city looking for something to report when I decided to check on the McKenzie Street area.


Upon turning onto McKenzie from Dease I noticed that a person was in the middle of the road, interrupting traffic. As my driver approached the scene at a severely reduced speed, the woman bolted in front of our vehicle, forcing us to a complete stop.

She then lightly flailed her way over to my drivers side door and attempted to open the door, luckily it was locked. We then continued heading down McKenzie and turned around on a side street.

When we made it back to the woman, she was standing in the road and waving erratically at vehicles passing by. This wasn’t the usual subtle wave that motorists are used to on McKenzie.


I decided to make the call to 911 to have the woman’s welfare checked and to ensure that she wasn’t having a medical episode.

It is never advised to stop for strangers, especially in rough neighbourhoods. Ensure your own safety and call 911 to have professionals check up on the incident. Your safety is number 1.


4 Replies to “ADVISORY: Woman Attempting to Get Into Moving Vehicles”

  1. I have had this happen in Dartmouth, NS back in 2013 and last year in Thunder Bay on Donald St and May St before those traffic signals were upgraded. Mackenzie St is a complete DISASTER of an urban street by Canadian standards.

    1. Dumpster Bay is a complete disaster by Canadian standards. Look at our crime stats – and rest assured those stat are very much understated and only represent the tip of the iceberg.

      It’s got a disease for which no one in authority seems to want a cure.

    2. This whole damn town is a disaster by any standards. Reminds me of third world countries I visited decades ago. You are hard pressed to go anyplace here and not witness any trash begging for their next fix or see any other social disorders shredding this town. And there is no end in sight. If anything you prolly aint seen nothing yet.

  2. Shame on you fur not stopping. too bad if she really was in big trouble. it may be you next time when you need help,
    I was brought up in TBay and revisited after being away for 15 years.
    It’s now a place were people are vscared of each other and never make eye contact.

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